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Juanita-E breaks up the monotony with their debut album

Their music breaks up the monotony thanks to the exchange of drums and guitars. Excellent voices in English and Spanish, reverberating melodies, theremin noises and an always active live show.

Juanita-E is a post-rock band with their roots in the Bay of Cádiz, formed by three friends who grew up in the 90s in different cities. They are Gonzalo (guitar, drums, voice), Felipe (guitar, drums, voice) and Carlos (bass guitar and theremin). They have recorded two EPs: First-E in 2016 and Second-E in 2017 in Estudio79 with Rafa Camisón.

Juanita-E's debut album is called The Fuss. 11 songs recorded in Estudio79 with a clear alternative rock sound from the 90s, where the band shifts between riffs and noises, proto-drums rhythms and even different instruments.

The Fuss is about duality. How to listen to all these voices in our heads and open our minds to the new era.