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Joyaz’s dreamy pop

Dreamy pop trapped in layers of synthesizers and guitars. That is how Joyaz’s essence could be defined, an Argentinean duet that has just released their debut. Yaz Huenchuman’s suggestive voice, also in charge of the keyboards, throws in mysterious sentences that empower the aesthetics of a project which is completed by Josefina Porro’s subtle guitars.

With only eight songs they manage to produce a language of their own which goes through different atmospheres and textures. From songs with the soul of a hit like Egipto or Minerva, to calmer feelings like those in Devanar. A very coherent album and hard to get out of your mind. We talk with Yaz Huenchuman about the recording process of the album, influences and the inspiration for the lyrics:

Congratulations on your album, it captures you with its dancing tone but also with a certain dream pop essence. How would you define your style?

We define our style as Synth Love Electronic Pop, but yes, there is quite a lot of dream pop, because we love dreamy atmospheres and fantasy visual climates.

Joyaz’s sound stands out especially because of the layers of synthesizers. Were these the starting point to write the songs?

The process was different for each song. Songs as Minerva and Devanar were written with an acoustic guitar, and Freaking Hot came out of this superposition of synths and vocoders of Microkorg. In S.O.S.weet with a guitar phrase Jose had.

In the album there is an essence of Javiera Mena, to mention an example also supported by the synthesizers. Which are your influences?

Before anything else, thank you, because I am a big fan of Javiera. She is doubtlessly an important influence, her sound was always a reference to Joyaz and also the fact that she sings in Spanish, which is quite hard with this style, but that in her music is perfectly accomplished. Jose and I share many influences and some others we do not share so much, but we converge at a point that we both like.

The guitars have a minimalist presence that reminds me of the use that bands like The XX make of them, give or take some obvious differences. How do guitars contribute to Joyaz?

Guitars are always full of ambient and effects, they are kind of like a guide to travel through the songs. They are the vision of Jose in a sort of musical dialogue we have. Her phrases always deliver something new to every song, I find it very refreshing, what the melodies say. Besides, we are friends and we love each other, her presence is a spiritual half of Joyaz.

The lyrics have a mysterious touch which causes its meaning not to be entirely clear, for example in Minerva. What inspired the lyrics?

The lyrics were inspired by everyday situations of love or friendship and also by the spiritual search, the esoteric, natural mysticism, the vibrations of crystal, colors, and our own lives revolving around that. I think it is very good that each person interprets it in their own way, all views are valid, it is more interesting than having just one reading by the one who wrote it. In Carta Natal almost everything came out at the same time, the words flowed from beginning to end, like something automatic, sometimes it happens when I feel very connected to the situation.

The album has been produced by you girls yourselves. How was the recording process?

We recorded it at different places, in summer we had Jose’s grandmother’s house who had gone on vacation, and we took advantage of her library to set up the studio, we recorded the guitars, voices and keyboards. But then we began to add things and rerecord at my house (where we rehearse). We started to gather some things to record, things we didn’t have, and we borrowed them from our friends. Despite it not being recorded and produced in the optimal conditions, we are also lucky that we have our own time, to record and rerecord until we like the take and the touch is good.

What is the difference between your live performance and the album you have released?

The live performance is fun, there are always friends dancing and we give it all so that it is a magic moment. Furthermore we have our VJ Nat Bo, who makes incredible visuals, with illustrations she made especially for us. The idea is for it to be a party and that everyone ends up feeling like dancing some more.

Thank you so much!