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José A. García in Poplacara's party

The former singer and leader of Granadan band 091, José Antonio García, visited Montilla (Córdoba) on the occasion of the party organized by the magazine Poplacara in Bodega Los Arcos on March 30th. This concert is part of the promotional tour of his new album Lluvia de Piedras, released on July 2018.

García, who is mostly known for being the vocalist of the groups 091 and TNT in the 80s and 90s, released his first solo album in 2018, after working with groups such as Sin Perdón, Mezcal or Guerrero García, which allowed him to experiment with some genres such as funk rock. However, this last album serves as a musical review of his career, from his more punk and garage beginnings, to a calmer rock such as the one from 091, resulting in a mix of both.

Pitos (nickname by which García is known) became a standard bearer of Spanish rock with the band 091 in the 80s and 90s with hymns such as ¿Qué Fue del Siglo XX?, La Vida Qué Mala Es or La Canción del Espantapájaros, along with José Ignacio Lapido, the band's main composer. The group even caught the attention of one of the most relevant figures in rock music globally, Joe Strummer, who even produced the band's album Más de Cien Lobos in 1986, striking up a friendship between the both of them.

With all this work history behind him, José Antonio García starts a new tour in which he will travel across Andalusia and Spain accompanied by El Hombre Garabato to present his new songs and remember some of his biggest hits, which have made García one of the biggest influences in Spanish rock.