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Israel Diezma

Israel Diezma plays guitar in the pop-rock band All La Glory, which he thinks of as a group of friends who meet up even when they are not playing together, and whose members have a clear vision and enthusiasm about what they do.

Israel's passion for music is in part thanks to his father, who formed a few bands during his years in Madrid. The guitarist grew up listening to records and when he was 12 years old his family moved to Seville. Out of “boredom, having nothing to do”, he adapted to this new environment by playing the guitar after school, which in turn made him realise that he wanted to make a career out of it. So much so that by the age of 15 he had already started a band.

E: Where can we find more of your work?

Israel: “I also play with Pinocho Detective at the moment. I used to just go to see them perform, but then I played guitar on their last album. Some time ago I was with Chencho Fernández: we made an album called Dadá that we’re very proud of.”

 “I’m not what you’d call, sometimes pejoratively, a play-for-pay ‘mercenary musician’ – I just like to try out different things. I've also been playing with Toteking, which has meant immersing myself into a style that I’m unfamiliar with; it’s got things out of me that I didn’t know were there.”


E: Have you ever had to cancel rehearsals or a concert?

Israel: “My motto is: ‘what you put off now needs to be done later’. Sacrificing one performance because they are going to pay you more for another is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. You’re not going to get rich by saying no to one thing and doing something else instead.”

E: What is it like being a musician in Seville, compared to other cities like Madrid or Barcelona?”

Israel: “In Seville there’s a bit of a defeatist attitude. I suspect it’s the same story everywhere, people in Seville will say ‘if only we were in Madrid’ and people in Madrid will say ‘if only we were in London’. That’s not my attitude to life, though. You have to do things that make you feel proud of yourself, things that drive you. It is true that, geographically speaking, bands in Madrid are in an enviable position because everything is relatively close by, but I think that Seville has got it going on at the moment. Perhaps there’s a lack of infrastructure, but there are lots of bands and styles. The most important thing is that we have great musicians”.

All La Glory will perform at the Interestelar Sevilla festival, 18th to 19th May at the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art and they’ve also been booked for Granada Sound in September.