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Interview with Stay

The long trajectory of the band from Barcelona, Stay, has not stopped them to move forward in the new work they have released, reconfiguring their vision of psychedelia for every album. At the end of August the band came back into the studio to record the album which will be their fifth. For it, they have counted on the help of the producer Owen Morris, responsible for the first Oasis’ albums. To finance the recording process the band launched a crowd funding campaign, which turned to be very successful. Iván López, the band’s bassist, answers our questions during the recording of the album:

How is the recording process of your fifth album going?

Very intense. It is different from other recording processes because in this case we have a billiard table and a game console at our disposal. Jokes aside, we have to say we are working very much at ease in the Medusa studios with its whole team and we are very motivated seeing the first results and Owen’s assessments and involvement in the album. You can sense his hand from minute one, and his way of understanding the recording process is totally new for us. The experience is turning out to be as exciting as we expected.

To finance the recording you have resorted to crowd funding and you surpassed the goal. Did you expect such good response from your followers?

We expected to reach the goal, but it was a very pleasant surprise that it was surpassed so ahead of time. This has encouraged us to move forward with a stronger will than we already had, if possible. We are super thankful to our sponsors and hope the album to live up to the expectations.

Why did you decide on Owen Morris to produce the album?

Just as when we decided to record The Fourth Dimension in Liverpool, it all started with a joke. On this occasion, we were talking about how great it would be having an international renowned producer to help us get better as musicians and grow as a band, during the brainstorming the first name that came up was the Oasis’ producer. And the joke got out of hand… I can say, examining the antecedents, that jokes are the real motor of this band!

How is Morris contributing to the songs in the album?

For now we have six sons recorded out of the twelve expected and Owen is very focused on getting the perfect atmosphere of the band playing together to capture the essence and spirit that this type of music requires. He is offering us great doses of wisdom especially as far as the recording of the drums is concerned and as how to extract the maximum juice possible. Also with respect to the vocals, on which he is working very hard with Jordi to exploit all his potential. According to his very own words, his big specialty is vocals, and he has it as a challenge to record the best voices we have ever done until now. We think his biggest contribution will come with the mixing in November, with which he has permission to experiment as he pleases. On the other hand, he is contributing with a lot of laughter! He is quite a joker!

You have a long trajectory, since the auto production of Starting to Lose Control until today. What has changed in Stay throughout all this time?

It is hard for me to answer this question. It has been many years and everything has changed very much. At a personal level as well as musically and socially, the world in which we live and create music nowadays has nothing to do with the world ten years ago. We might say that in every album for us there is like a restart, a starting from scratch again with an intact eagerness and motivation, although with different expectations, according to the circumstances surrounding us and with more experience as musicians and people. We enjoy it much more now, the opportunity to be able to keep creating songs and writing music that we are passionate about and helps us bear the experience of living in such dark times.

Your sound is easily recognizable and has a lot to do with certain British tradition. Which are your main influences?

We have some headline bands that are with us all the time. As you rightly pointed out, we are very much into the brit: Stone Roses, Charlatans, Oasis, Primal Scream, Teenage Fanclub, Ride, Beatles, etc. But we do not close our doors to any other sound we may like: Byrds, Beachwood Sparks, Brian Jonestown Massacre, etc. Currently we are very hooked on the international scene of bands like Tame Impala, Temples, Jagwar Ma, Woods, Sleepy Sun, Allah-las, Elephant Stone, Sulk, Ty Segall, and a long etcetera.

Stay is clearly classified inside psychedelia. What is about this genre that you are interested in?

We are very interested in playing with addictive sounds and evoking instrumental soundscapes which can take you to hidden places in your mind. It is amazingly cool as a musician to be able to experiment with different dynamics in the very same song and see how the chemistry of the five of us playing together can lead us, through a mixture of improvisation and structure, to very deep levels. That is why, during the recording process, we try to add instruments like the sitar, the hammond, theremins, moogs and others that will make a difference, the sound which can turn a song into a pleasant sensual experience.

How will the new songs sound live? Are you preparing a tour?

We can get the idea. Over the last years we have been adapting our selection to the exigencies of the current time and audience, always trying to keep our spirit and philosophy. We sense that the engine will speed up and the doses of seasoned forcefulness will increase, with the best possible melodies, which in the end, we do not forget, are the basis of all our music. There is neither tour in sight, nor release date. Everything is open!


Thank you very much!