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Interview with Ricky Candela from Los Labios

“The bands scene in Sevilla is now as never before, even I would dare to say we are living a little golden age.”

Clearly, for more than a year and a half now, we have been living good times Rock and Roll in Seville. Not just because many bands are appearing, but the musicians in them are a very inspired generation which brings to our memories the transgressor breaking of Smash or Imán Califato Independiente in the 70s. That Andalucian rock sound which was the soundtrack in the transition from the Folklore on horse cars Sevilla to the rocker Silvio city. A proof of this is the public’s voting, made recently in the web site, where they have chosen the rock & roll band from Sevilla Los Labios as the best of this year. And the public is sovereign. Fitting this action we have chatted with the bass man Ricky Candela about the band’s present and future.

The first thing to say is congratulations about the Spanish public choosing you as the best band of the year.

Thank you so much man.

How is this feeling for the band? I mean, the competition was not easy, there where Milkyway and some more hitting bands.

Yes. Plus, Milky are good friends of us. I have played with in other bands and we know each other. Well, we put it on the Internet and people answered fucking nice, voting and voting.

There has been a touch of encouragement, I guess.

Yes, actually it has given us courage. But I am not sure about I am not very clear about who they are.

And if you would need to choose one, which is the best band or album of the year for you?

Well, actually I am not a friend of the rankings. Things like "the best of" are for Fernando Alonso and sportsmen. But what I can say is what surprised me this year were the works of Milkyway Express with Perrorosa, Chencho Fernandez with Dadá estuvo aquí and See You In Hell from Los Sentíos.

How do you view the rock scene in Sevilla?

Sevilla has always been a good cradle for rock bands. The best bands in the country were born here but everything is focused on Madrid and bands from here do not make too much noise if they don't go there to talk to the same guys. By the way, the bands scene in Sevilla is now as never before, even I would dare to say we are living a little golden age. You just need to have a look around to see that. 

Anyway it is a prize from people, it does not really matter if it is an important prize. Don’t you think?

Yes. That is why it is so fucking nice. As we said, there were a lot of important bands in the list and we surpassed them.

I have seen on the Internet that you are releasing videos from the concerts.

I'll tell you. That was an only concert we made at the Sala Custom venue (Sevilla) on May 31 and we recorded the whole show with the intention of releasing a DVD. We used the full equipment with a director, Alberto Pérez. Then we did it with eight cameras, an interesting work, and we were rehearsing at that place for two days before the night of the show to get all the camera shoots ready... Making it cool. And it is completely recorded, has been edited and we are now waiting for somebody who would want to release it. As it is so expensive we are uploading the show on Youtube and we have already done with one called Birthday, one month ago. And meanwhile we still waiting for any godfather or patron to appear wanting to edit the video. Otherwise, we will still uploading songs. In little strokes.

Any plans to record a full album soon?

What is going on now is that in January, February and March we will be on tour. We have a lot of dates and we are not going to stop to work in the album. The idea is to do it in the summer but we don't already know if it is going to be a full ten songs album or another EP or a single. The thong is recording something.

I think people are expecting a full album.

Sure. But do you know what? A full album is too expensive and we cannot do it right know. We could make it messy at home but what we really want is to do it like the previous LP. We did it at Álvaro's (guitar and producer) home, making room in the living room putting the furniture away. We used a portable studio and stayed locked for fifteen or twenty days. The problem is that it needs good money... something unreachable for us now. But the idea is to release something in the summer. We would like an album because we have many songs.

Original songs, I guess.

Yes, yes. We have a good fist of them in which we need to work and well, maybe in the summer.

¿Who writes the songs in the band? I mean the lyrics. I guess that would be Sammy (vocals), especially in English.

For the lyrics, the main composers used to be Sammy and Álvaro. Sammy, sure, he is English so he writes in English but some songs are written by Álvaro. Charlie (guitar and producer) also writes sometimes. But yes, most of the lyrics come from Sammy and Álvaro.

Back to the money for the album, Charlie and Álvaro have been in this business for a long time and I can imagine they should know enough people, Is there nobody who wants to be part of it?

We were not long ago in Madrid to show ourselves, at the Sala Costelo venue and we met up with many people from the industry: Record Houses, management... This happened in November. We talked about some business with some people and now we are still waiting for answers. We sat with some of them to see if they could edit our album or help us or take it to their companies. But for now that is all, Álvaro is on tour, Charlie and Sammy are in Bahamas doing some acoustics, and all that movement has stopped the band for a while, supposedly from the event in Madrid something should resulted but actually I cannot say who or what yet, but there is a plan.

How is it going, being about to jump into the international scene? You have an English man in the band (Sammy).

Actually, we already were on tour in U.S.A., Mexico and Colombia. The truth is that it was a great experience for me.

You got a lot of fans in Mexico.

Yes. Mexican people go crazy with Rock and Roll, we felt like The Rolling Stones. It was amazing for me, Álvaro is sick of travelling with Bunbury all around the world, Sammy has also travelled a lot...

Sammy has got other bands.

Sammy was playing here with Pepe Delgado who is a bluesman from here, Sevilla. They made covers of Silvio and rock classics. They were playing together before Sammy joined us. He also had bands in Australia and London until he definitely moved to Spain and it looks like he is going to stay here.                                                    

I would say it should be easy for you to play in London then.

Yes. There is something. Not long ago a management company from England contacted us on Facebook to see if we would like to go there and there has been some talking about it. Let’s see if we can go there next spring.

You have talked to us about the others members but, what about you? What is your story as a rock musician?

I started up like most musicians, in high school rock bands that sounded terrible. I was lucky to have two great teachers as Humberto Girón and Julián Maeso are; I learnt everything I know from them. I joined Humberto and some Milkyway members to form La Mula Jam Band but it didn’t last long because we were too many musicians and we earned just as much as to buy a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of beer. After then came Los Sentíos and they are who I grew up with. Around that time Chencho Fernández and a guy called Daddy C. took me to be part of Las Muñecas De La Calle Feria, we boogied for some time. I finally came into Los Labios trough a call I got from Charlie Cepéda and they are who I am now playing with.

Finally, you have mentioned you are going to be on tour for the next three months, where can we see you?

We will be in Jeréz and Málaga on January. And on February we have dates in Algeciras, Toledo and Badajoz. We will later go to Canarias, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia...