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Interview with Los Punsetes

“Los Planetas is a band we have been listening to almost our entire lives and that we like very much.”

Inside the music world, ¿who deserves a good blow?

I don’t think anybody deserves a blow, just like that! Neither in the music world nor anywhere. Perhaps a feint.

What does Los Planetas represent for you?

A band we have been listening to almost our entire lives and that we like very much.

Your favorite song by Los Nikis?

Mine is Salvaje pasión.


Una montaña es una montaña was and still is brutal. LP IV does nothing else but establish and settle you into the national alternative success. Are you living your best moment now?

We are quite good although as you express it, it all seems bigger than it actually is. We have been doing this already for quite some time, we have a certain audience, we still do things the way we want to and as we feel like. That is what matters.

Apart from La hora chanante and Muchachada nui, any TV show that is worth it and/or that you would recommend?

I really like Top chef! It is very entertaining and it is really well done.

It has all been good news. Will Gonzalo come back to the band or is it a definitive retirement?

He is delighted at his post-Punsetes life. There is a whole world out there apparently.

Do you think that Izal or Dorian can be subversive even if they are reincarnated five times?

I do not really think they are trying to, are they?

I love what Ariadna does. Does she grab the first thing she has around or does she thoroughly study her wardrobe?

She studies it so thoroughly that in many cases she designs it and makes it herself!

In your creamy and very bizarre lyrics, is there any freaky or not freaky characters from this current music-loving and gracious year who are worth writing a Punsete hit for?

You are succinctly asking me about El pequeño Nicolás, the new Dioni. In any case, we have never written a song about a particular character. We are the characters ourselves.

If you have not listened to them yet I strongly recommend you one: Alborotador Gomasio. Apart from you obviously, Los Gomasio and Ellos, is there a couple of newly/recently baked bands from Madrid who are worth listening to?

We know Los Gomasio, of course, personally even. We like Sierra very much, the new project by Hugo from Margarita. And Sangre too.

Los Punsetes are Ariadna, Jorge, Manuel Sánchez-aka Anntona, Chema and Luis.

Interview by Pablo De Serna.

Answers by Manu Sánchez, from Los Punsetes.