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Interview with Blam de Lam

La Máquina y el Movimiento, Blam de Lam’s debut album, surprised us last year thanks to a mixture between pop and shoegazer noise which possessed feeling and guts. Since before it was released, they have been presenting its songs live at numerous festivals and places, performing for a bigger and bigger audience every time, proof that their music is connecting with the public. From martos, the band —Nono Milla, Juanjo Ávila, Inma Martínez, Luis Zapata and Jorge Martínez— has managed to shake the national indie scene. We speak with Nono Milla:

It has been more than a year since the release of La Máquina y el Movimiento. Since then, the band has not stopped growing. How have you lived this time?

Everything has happened so fast that we have not yet had the time to take it all in. We are kind of in a state of astonishment, the welcome for the album ever since its release has been very good and we have been lucky to have a lot of media give a very positive review of the album. Besides, we have also had the opportunity to present it live at places at which we always wanted to do so: South Pop, Nocturama, Sin Sal, Contempopranea…

How did you record the album?  

We made the album with Producciones Peligrosas almost in its entirety, with José A. Sánchez, except for a couple of songs for which we did the bases in a studio in Málaga, and some guitars and synthesizers we recorded at home.

About your style, the electric and shoe gazer sounds stand out. Which are your referents?

We have many referents and very varied. We are five people in the band and each one of us has their preferences. There are common points because if there were not, it would be impossible to come to an agreement, but anyways… If right now a more shoe gazer sound stands out, it is purely temporary.

We could say that Blam de Lam’s songs grow progressively until reaching a final climax, as in Instinto for example. How is the writing process?

Up until now we don’t have a definite writing process. There are times in which almost all of the writing is done by everyone at the rehearsal studio and there are other times in which the song comes in having been more crafted by someone. In the case of Instinto for example there is a mixture of both. The body of the song was more worked more at home and the final part was defined by everyone at the studio and at the recording studio itself during the recording process.

You are a band with background, you have a very long trajectory live. Your live shows are noisier than the albums. Is the stage the natural place for Blam de Lam?

Well, even if it sounds like a truism, the live performance and the studio are quite two different things. The things that work in the live show do not have to necessarily do so in the studio as well, and vice versa. The recording process forces you to capture a series of ideas in a specific amount of time, however, every time you go to the rehearsal studio and prepare the live show there are still ideas emerging and songs keep growing. In that sense, we never take any song as being finished and right now what we feel like is for the live shows to be noisier.

The Vértigo Estival festival has become established and you are making your way little by little. Can we talk about an Indie scene in Martos?

Well I don’t think so. Except for the activities Vértigo does, I do not see any movement.

What are the next steps for the band? Are you preparing a new album?

The most immediate thing is to keep playing the album live and, although we have not gotten into work for new songs in a serious way yet, our idea would be to release next year.