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Interview Els Euler

Preparing the inauguration of the concerts photography exhibition set as part of Poplacara’s thirtieth anniversary, at the music pub DUNE de Valls (in Tarragona, Catalonia), I thought that bands from the Tarragona region could be perfect to perform on the day of the inauguration. I wanted for it to be a band with energy and to make a presentation with much “noise”, no name other than Els Eulers crossed my mind, a band from the city of Reus. With a forceful and energetic sound and live performance, apart from having bet on singing in Catalan, furthermore, they are presenting their first album. With this interview we are expecting that if you don’t know them yet, you discover a great band with a great future ahead of them.

Tell us who you are, Els Euler, how and when did the band come together?

The band started in 2010, but the current ensemble was established this past year 2014, with  Pep Santacruz at the guitar and vocals, Erik López at the guitar and backing vocals, Albert Vilella at the bass and backing vocals, and Anabel Folch at the drums.

What influences can we find in your music and as a band?

Each of us has their own influences and this ends up being noticeable in our songs: Pep listens to bands like The Mars Volta or Mastodon; Erik, to more classic bands like Guns N' Roses or The Cult; Albert is a little bit more pop and listens to Weezer or Radiohead; and Anabel likes bands like Mr. Bungle, Led Zeppelin, or Soundgarden.

How do you view the music scene in the Tarragona region? Do you think that outside the musical centralization of Barcelona everything is harder, better? Or not?

It depends on how you look at it… for example, right now we are trying to close the deal for some shows around the Barcelona area and it’s turning out to be harder than we expected as for the requirements of the venues. However, in Madrid, and singing in Catalan, we haven’t had any problem. Although of course, outside the Barcelona route it is harder to appear on the Catalonian media.


Where does your name come from, "Els Euler"? Why this name?

The band’s name is a tribute to the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler and... well, the truth is it is the name of Anabel’s cat and we all like dit. We put it to the vote along with other names and it was the winner.

In your web, you stress you do "alternative rock, but in Catalan". Why have you chosen to sing in your native language with a style which is not very usual? There are few bands…

The truth is for us it was the most natural and most logical choice. Many times we have been asked why we don’t sing in English, and the thing is we do not feel comfortable and we cannot express all that we want to in a language we do not master 100% in terms of vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation. Our question is: why not?

Recently you have made your album debut, Cendra. What does this first album represent for you?

A lot of excitement and a lot of effort, we had been wanting to record an album for quite a while and, it finally came true!

What can we find in it as for music style and message in the lyrics?

The base is alternative rock with influences of styles such as progressive rock, grunge, metal, pop and even jazz and blues. The lyrics have an introspective character but they also have a denouncement and social justice component. We have a friend, Sergio García, who writes very well and helps us out with the lyrics, since for us the message we want to get across is very important and for it to be in a quality format (...besides, we have a congenital disability to write minimally acceptable lyrics…).

What kind of reception do you observe the album is having?

For now, it is being very positive, we have gotten some very good reviews, and we are over the moon, we can’t believe it yet… We are playing more than ever!


What does Cendra mean?

Between the years 2013 and 2014 we were on the verge of breaking up due to a series of circumstances, but we decided to carry on and rise again from the ashes, and hence the name.

The album cover attracted our attention, it’s not simply esthetic, you are left with the feeling that you want to transmit something else with it...

Miguel Ángel Fernández’s cover, a designer from Tarragona who worked hard on it and knew how to capture every crazy idea we suggested. We wanted an image related to science and freedom of thought, besides, we intended for the design to have a certain look like that of the old Soviet propaganda posters, and we think he nailed it.

What are your plans for this album? Presentations, shows... Where would you like to get with it?

We have tried to make the best album we could so that in a few years we can be proud of it and think of the album we made… We are putting together a small tour around the territory, and confirming some dates in Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao. As for where we would like to get with this album, as far as we can. We are an “underground” band and for us the important thing is to reach people.

This next Saturday we can listen to you live at the DUNE de Valls pub, how is an Els Euler live show? What differences can we find between the album and the live sound?

We have tried for the album to be a reflection of the live songs. In this sense, we didn’t want it to sound too artificial or for us to find it complicated to defend the songs playing live. We try to play the songs with as much energy as possible and, we always end up all worn-out!