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Intensity on the Beach

On the most crowded day of the whole festival we had the chance to see vibrating, colorful moments again. Very different artists had an unquestionable musical link- quality as a virtue. As the most relevant Spanish songwriters appeared on the secondary stage, the main stage would be the absolute protagonist for the most relevant, applauded sounds. The great 20 years of La HabitaciónRoja led to a gig full of passion, purity and compactness. Jorge Martí, who’s getting better and better, put his soul in every song, as it was shown, for example in De Cine. They played their anthems Ayer, Indestructibles and the latest La monedaen el aire which were echoed by the audience in another self tribute to an impeccable career for a band that felt quite at ease.


The next Sat-Sun strong act came from the hand of the great Second. The moments of power and ‘indieintimism’ of the Murcia-based band were passed on to the audience. They connected all their hits with perfect changes in rhythm. Sean Frutos, in perfect tune with the rest of his mates, had a blast getting carried away by guitar chords and lyrics.

Collab by Óscar and Aarón from Varry Brava in Rodamos mixed with the superhitNo gires, continuing with the brand new Nueva Sensación proved their perfect domain of the ‘seize the moment’ philosophy in front of thousands of people. Despite missing the rollercoaster-esqueSi todo se oxida, the huge end of RincónExquisito with the frontman sat in front of the crowd gave us a shot of emotion that crystallised in one of those moments to be remembered.

At the same time, just a few hundred meters away, the Spanish The Noises and the Norwegian Kakkmaddafakka were breaking their backs to pleasewith their correspondent projects and attitudes. The Noises did it by means of a delicate progressive-influenced electropop. The hilarious Nordic band used reggae tunes and youth blasts, closing their gig with an Ibiza Mix 97 tune. They took this bizarre liberty to shake an endless night in a playful but diligent performance.


Kakkmaddafakkahad set the bar high but the brave Varry Brava’s essence, constituted as a 5-piece band for such an occasion, not only equaled but also increased the rush produced by the band from Bergen offering us a brilliant gig. It was undoubtedly the most fun and playful act in the festival. Varry Bravakept the night up playing their old, latest and everlasting hits. By opening with La Playa they clearly stated their intentions. The abrasive, addictive tune  inevitably sneaked through entering the top best songs of the most famous indieevent in Gandia.

Second’s frontman, playing close attention from the backstage from the very first moment and returning the favor with Navidad was a perfect example of the fun with had with a party band that feels really comfortable in front of huge crowds. So brave.

A last nod to the Spanish singer Loquillo closed the perfect circle of a memorable concert that left us climaxing and yearning for more.

Right at the break of dawn an explosive session by Zombie Kids still delighted the remaining fans. With dubstep-influenced tunes mixed with hip hop roots they took the festival to the ultimate explosion.

Sansan Festival

Town Gandia

Venue Wonderwall Music Resort

3rd Day Sat April 4th 2015