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Iñigo Coppel: out of time minstrel

Musician life has been always about maladjustment and nonconformity with everything around. We talk about real artists with a deep desire to transmit in their own free way. We talk about those anachronistic composers who play seventies rock in 2016, thinks about future music with samplers in the eighties or use folkloric costumes to sing bulerias from early 20th century. That stylistic timelessness full of homesick rebellion sometimes and sometimes revolutionary transgression.

About travelling free across the time and history, Iñigo Coppel(Getxo, 1977) has a good konowing, recognizable and recognized 21st century minstrel. It is because of he does, not just sings songs, he tells addictive stories made of surreal everyday. Like a Berlanga's movie, full of wit, clever humor and written with a simple style and vocabulary. Guitar chords and tavern chat, sometimes unrealistically funny and another times with a deep meditation hidden under an irreverent treatment of topics like the death or the hard live of the street singer.


Now, he is fighting with the tomorrow to get ‘Nobles Salvajes’real, an album in which Coppel is working and hi is  paying using a crowfunding campaign. Coppel travels to the past in his songs to bring tales to our present, and blurs the cruelty under our personal relations habits in the present to make us think about the future. It is like a mirror which twists our day by day in a accuser and funny way. Like a time machine to ride and see personally if we are having a backward or a forward trip.