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House and birthday party to the gallant essences.

On March 7th the new album of La Suite Bizarre ‘Fiesta Animal’ was released directly to the dancefloor, while the new criature is in the mood for dancing.

Clubbing  background, but far from the frothy clubs of Ibiza, oriented to the style spreaded by the band. A hybrid atmosphere: coloured by the funk musical note, placed between the stage and the backstage without forgetting the tribute to rock music and to the icons of the 70s and the 80s that shine with the first title, ‘Maddona es mi mamá’.

“Most of the influences of sound and image come from the 70s and the 80s. our favorites records and bands are from that time”.

Other notes come from ‘Fiesta en mi habitación’ where the band turns into an anthropomorphic animal that jumps in a typical teenage room, covered by posters with an activity of a vinyl record (The Clash or The Beatles) mixed with some unrolled cassette.

The retro culture invites to enter to that “off the wall suite”, the main incentive that underlies in ‘Fiesta en mi habitacion’:

“This concret theme is an appreciation to the great artists” say the group, “that add new elements of different styles and adapt them to their way of creation”.

Most of the themes invite to sing them with a cup in your hand, and the themes of carpe diem are exposed without any taboo in ‘Supersensual’ o ‘Are you ready (for love)’. In the same way that ‘Dance Revolution’ the limits of the racy, the bestiary that is on ‘Fiesta Animal’ goes beyond the lack of clothes and adds simple elements. We have to admit that ‘Supersensual’ ‘La Pista de Baile’ and ‘Que suene la musica’ remind in our minds due to their chorus. To get that they mix the spanish notes with the caribben rhythm and focus on the galaxy of ‘Relax’.

With ‘Fiesta Animal’, la Suite Bizarre encourages us to wait for what is new, basing in a fruty cocktail of electronic base, guitar notes and hot notes. Maybe in the next review the cocktail will go tropical or opposite, who knows?