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Homage to Nick Cave in the Tinta Sonora

A little more than a year ago, we were in the same place for the same date: the Tinta Sonora, a musical-literary circle focussed on bringing together a writer with musicians and/or journalists in order to talk about his oeuvre and which also includes musical performances of a band connected to the invited writer and musicians. In the last edition we had the pleasure of meeting the official photographer of the mythical band The Ramones, George Dubose, who put an exhibition of his best photos and talked about his book Hablo Música with the journalist and music critic Ignacio Juliá. This year, after Alicia Web and 66RPM Ediciones, they surprised us with luxury guests again: Jorge Alonso and Nacho Vegas talking about Nick Cave.


We don’t know if it was a coincidence or not that the day before, Nick Cave, the central figure of the third edition of Tinta Sonora, performed in Barcelona. The next day, Jorge Alonso presented his book Compartiendo las Semillas, which was introduced in exactly that third edition. A book that takes us to the beginnings of the Australian next to The Boys Next Door and The Birthday Party, and the extensive part of his life in solitude. It tells us the story of how Nick Cave transformed his personal career, full of memorable songs, coherent stylistic twists and turns and radical decisions. And he did that accompanied by a mutant creature, a hydra with many heads christened The Bad Seeds. Seeds that make up a band that, in its diverse stages, acted as the perfect complement of a singular singer and songwriter. A different biography, from a different point of view. Nacho Vegas took us behind the book with the questions he asked the author. It was a conversation that benefitted from the complicity between the two and which dealt with very interesting topics concerning the Australian musician. They talked about how Alonso came up with the idea of the book and how it was developed; the initial idea was to make a book with the translation of all the lyrics by Cave, but when Alonso saw that many people had that idea, he developed it into what has finally become Compartiendo las Semillas, as the author himself cheerfully explained us. They also talked about the concert in Barcelona that Cave gave the day before and where the audience actively took part – as some of the assistants also were in the auditorium of the Forum that day. And one or another curiosity more about the musician.


Finally, Jorge Alonso performed his versions of Nick Cave’s songs, accompanied by Igor Paskual (guitar) and Ramiro Nieto (drums). The cooperation with Nacho Vegas in The Weeping Song (The Good Son, 1990) was especially striking, as they performed it very passionately as a duo.

It was a special evening for all fans of Nick Cave where those who could not be there the other night at his concert in Barcelona could savour a little of Cave thanks to Jorge Alonso and Nacho Vegas and those who did see the concert could enjoy a little more of the Aussie singer-songwriter.