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Grand reserve songs, intact attitude

Sala Penélope, in Madrid, was the venue chosen for Jorge Martí -—between Rickenbacker and acoustic— and his guys to thicken and blow another gig up for the crescente memory of epic and enlightened good vibes. With no supporting bands and with no pressure, they delighted us with two great hours of a major show, brilliant guitar action and a memorable setlist.

A concert by La Habitación Roja is synonymous of dedication and good rock about the irreplaceable and cyclic theme of love. Good people and grand musicians, with such an extensive trajectory they invigorated us with a setlist that went over almost all of the styles without forgetting about the stellar anthems magnificent songs which are still settling down and imploding as if they had just been baked.

From the very first chords, the privileges of playing under a roof implemented an exquisite sound where the guitars, keyboards and bass drums played freely.

With El Resplandor for the third cut, the instruments and the voice indulged us for the first time thanks to a song so eternal and powerful that it does not stop growing with every listen, with every live performance.

For the next songs they resorted to their last three albums in a combo which was more than worthy and interesting and laid down the knot of the night with numismatic songs like Quedas tú, La casa en silencio and los hits La moneda en el aire and De cine.

La segunda oportunidad and the magnum Voy a hacerte recordar would then join the party, completed with the gigantic Indestructibles and an irreversible karaoke which made it evident it was one of the star moments of the night.

The final firecrackers, after a more than generous encore, started with the instants of supra-intimacy of A dos metros bajo tierra and continued with La noche se vuelve a encender. What would come after would be just unstoppable: Annapurna resounded through every single pinhole of the hangout and started putting the final touches to one more event full of dedication, passion and some of the best national alternative pop-rock songs.

Ayer: for the last track Martí got out of the spotlight to blend into the crowd, mic in his hand, giving off charisma and a crystal will to have a blast merging with the atmospheres. Sublimated to the sonic orgasm with its legendary extension, all the information contributed in a small way to the definitive ecstasy.

The final frames reminded of their ultimate impression at the Santander Music, this time around they played around with neck of the mic to get a creamy guitar distortion, and with the death of a rushed glass of wine, present from the beginning, which burst metaphorically and really, after a pro-Nirvana frontman kick —I testify to it with the piece of glass that landed agitated on my neck— to close another glorious occasion that proves that it will be hard for the melomaniac 2014 to get better.

In conclusion, a band who will turn 20 in February of 2015, and who are still in the trenches offering a display of resources crafted with the renewed enthusiasm of the first rehearsal and the first album. Thank you again Pau, Marc, Jordi, José and Jorge.