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Gonzalo Fuster: stories of a ‘human being’.

The story of Gonzalo Fuster (1976) can be told as:

One day by the end of the 20th century or the beginning of the 21th, he does not remember, being tired of the musical scene of Spain and upset by a close-minded industry, the Valencian guitarist left his instrument. He dedicated himself to life, to his life. He lived far from the stages he had got during the first years of the 90s (first with Los Tranquilos, Los Vertigos and much later, Ontario)

He tells the story:

I felt a mixture of boredom and apathy. In 1999 there was no variety in music and we were out of that. It is true that we did not either make efforts or played as well as we thought. I stop playing, composing, I took the guitar once every six months and I did not feel the need of do it. I never missed it.

Until one day he realised that he missed music and his instrument. When he realised that there were other styles, he reunited the band in 2008. Ontario lasted four years until it came to an end. He formed Trinidad, a band that published two records before it hibernated. Nowadays he dedicates to El Ser Humano, his by himself pop project created in 2012, which has published his last record titled ‘3’.


The career is summarised as:

Ontario was an intense band that demanded a mental black state that was impossible to keep. I am not in the mood for poses. Trinidad was about what I wanted in that moment. El Ser Humano is about going slowly, being calm, the making of more optimistic and dazzling songs. I tried to have fun.

In ‘3’ there are references to characters that have been an influence for Fuster, son of a car seller and a hairdresser, both retired. Levi Strauss, Elvis Presley, Odilon Redon. Because his music feeds from what he see and read. The paintings of El Bosco, Truman Capote’s literature, Luis Buñuel’s movies or Leos Carax. And he owns that to his older sister, who studied Art and to his two brothers, who listened The Police and the Ramones. He absorbed from them until he began to play the guitar.


He tells about his origins:

While my friends played football y took the records and listened them hours and hours. I decided that I wanted to play the guitar when someone lended a Gibson Les Paul to my brother. I was nine or ten and I could easily play Smoke on the water, by Deep Purple. And I realised that I could do what they did. At the beginning I was self-taught, then my father bought me a course, after that I went to an academy and when I was 16 I bought my first guitar, which I still have.

Nowadays El Ser Humano is his complete dedication, as Patricia, his wife, his 4 years old daughter and his baby son. Or his work as Marketing responsible in a bussiness of the chemical area. After two decades of musical career, Fuster tries to recover the time he lost after those years of strike, or life.

That pause was a delay- he says- I stopped working on my voice. I can’t listen the two records I published when I returned. Now I control my voice. I understood that I’m on my way and it does not matter if people don’t like it. El Ser Humano will last until I get tired of it, maybe tomorrow or maybe in ten years.

That will be a different story.