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Gonzalo de Cos

When we talk about Gonzalo de Cos, we speak of a young artist but with enough maturity to travel around a large part of Spain and take the leap to Portugal. Gonzalo de Cos is an artist who reinvents himself at every step, with each chord he surprises us with something new; someone who does not look for complacency but the novelty, moved by a high self-demand.

All this is reflected in his new work, `Los Clásicos´, recorded in June 2017 in the `Grabaciones Sumergidas´ studios and which counted on the co-production of Juan Antonio Mateos and Julio Cable. An EP of six songs where the Sevillian artist shows us a universe where themes such as disenchantment, loss of values, the brightness of absence and disloyalty shine.

During these songs, Gonzalo de Cos moves perfectly in different styles, such as rock, country, letting us see perfectly the immense quality and the ability of the artist to adapt his style and get the best out of those lyrics that, at times, throw real punches of truth to the face of those who listen to them.

During the 21 minutes that `Los Clásicos´ lasts, Gonzalo de Cos leaves little pearls that will sound like Jonny Cash to us or like the great Tom Petty with his inseparable `The Heartbreakers´.