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Genérica.«This year will be more about playing than recording»

And so it goes on! We are still celebrating our 30th anniversary on Poplacara. This time around, the guest band was Genérica, the promising alternative rock band from Sevilla. Place, Café Red House; ingredients, cupcakes and muffins, live voices and acoustic guitars. Intense, incomparable.

These four kids, Rafael Pachón (voice and guitar), Alejandro Vigil (keyboards and guitar), Mike Delfín (bass) and Álvaro Rodríguez (drums), seduce the audience with their fresh style and lyric compositions. You will feel that same magnetism while you are reading this interview.

1. In the middle of your first album’s promotion Evite morir de rabia, Genérica brings us a new style, out of the ordinary. Why Genérica then, if your music is different? Isn’t it a little bit incoherent?

Actually, the name of the band is quite old and in fact, we have discussed whether to keep it because we are not exactly thrilled about it. But, I don’t know, in the end the name will end up being associated with the band and the word will slowly lose its meaning and acquiring a different one.

2. That fresh sound that you bring into the music scene and which mixes guitars and synthesizers, from where does it nourish? Which are your referents?

We come from a first EP which was more about electric guitars and as we were evolving musically we wanted to introduced synthesizers according to bands, mostly international, like Phoenix (France), even Catedral Sumergida, our producer Adolfo Langa’s band, which has influenced us when it comes to arranging songs.

3. Te encomiendo lo onírico was your first demo, what has happened to Genérica since then? Does the fast evolution make you dizzy?

(Rafael) That demo is from 2012 and we recorded it at my house. So from that moment on, basically everything has happened. We have recorded a full length album and an EP, we have played more than 20 shows outside Sevilla. And among them, the biggest achievement so to say, was playing at the Alhambra Sound Festival in September. Even though it has been a long time, the memory of our beginnings is very much present and it is a good memory.

4. You have already taken part in numerous festivals, in Radio 3, in the Alhambra Sound 2014 as you have mentioned, has there been for you, a before and an after in the band? Which would be the key moment of that change?

(Álvaro). I think the most important thing was when we gave our first concert and from there, kept going up playing shows until we won the emerging bands contest of the Alhambra Sound. It was those two moments, the EP’s premiere show and the Alhambra, which was our first experience like this, in quite an important festival.

5. Shows for 2015 have already been confirmed but, which are your projects for next year?

(Rafael) In fact, we are touring and looking for dates to play, but we are not going to tell you yet (laughs). We can only tell you this in advance, that we are playing in Cádiz on the 30th with Himalaya at the Sala Supersonic venue. Our project is to carry on with the tour and get to play at festivals. Although we would also like to record some new songs, but I think this year will be more about playing than recording.

6. You are going to record at the PÚA Music studio (whre Supersubmarina records), how do you feel when you realize that you are already at the level of the big ones of the national scene?

(Alejandro) I believe it does not matter the level we feel we are at, but that our audience feels, that is what is important. That is, you can be the best musician in the world, you can be Mozart, but if people do not listen to you it is useless. Then, it is rather about climbing little by little, although, of course, progressing in music and technique is also important.

(Rafael) Recording at the PÚA Music studio was the first joint prize for winning in the Alhambra and the band Supersubmarina belongs to the movement inside to which we conform. So, recording there means perhaps taking a step forward and getting into that circle of bands and people because, in the end, the music world is a world of people related to each other. If you do not keep in contact with anybody, you can be a good band, but as Alejandro says, people are not going to know you, nor your project, nor will they be able to bet on it.

7. Your recognition comes from playing live, do you stick to the live show, or there is something about playing in the studio?

(Álvaro) Personally, I like playing live much better, although there are always good things about recording in a studio and spending hours and hours there, you learn a lot in every way. But going to one place and then another, meeting people, I like all of that better.

(Rafael) Both things are complementary for me. It is necessary to spend months creating songs and creating an idea. In fact, the studio requires less sacrifice because going out to play involves a bigger effort, although the reward is better. I like both, I cannot stick to any of them.

(Alejandro) I agree with that! (laughs).

8. Any special moments throughout both the EP’s and this last album’s recording process?

(Alejandro). Well, an anecdote, something that happened to us while recording the music video for Corona de Espinas was that a cockroach got into my pants and I ran out to the street. I was going to take them off right there, but luckily it got out on its own (laughs).

And also, we recorded this album at night-time from eight to ten and we were there like all worn out, didn’t sleep, drinking Monster and Red Bull. It’s not exactly that you can just say wow the musician life is so much fun!, it is fun for us but it’s quite spoiled when one tells it (laughs).

9. And carrying on talking about this album, all of the songs are very intriguing and deep, what were you thinking about while you wrote them? What did you want to tell?

(Rafael) Well the first EP was more about love, a very recurrent and typical theme, always trying to avoid succumbing to the cliché phrases; we ran from that. Although, in Un Día Perfecto we do sin a little. But this album is about more abstract things, even though there is one song that is about love, Viento, and… This question will be answered by the one who writes the lyrics (laughs).

(Alejandro) We wanted to do sort of like a concept and as we wrote the songs, we started to think they had a kind of apocalyptic aura. They are about our world and our ideas, in general. This is the reason for the “evite morir de rabia” (avoid dying of rage) thing, because it is a sentence that makes an impact on us. We are enraged guys, I have said before in other interviews, and that is the sentence we repeat to ourselves almost like a mantra to calm down.

(Rafael) We are mentally ill! (laughs).

10. And the cover design, was it something planned? I think it portrays your spirit as a band well.

(Alejandro) As a result of that “rabiosos” (enraged) thing, we found a poster by the Health Ministry of Mexico which said “evite morir de rabia” and if look it up, you will see that it is like the cover, but that Ricardo Cavolo (the illustrator) gave it his own touch.

11. How do you define yourselves offstage? How is your everyday life?

(Álvaro) Well let’s see, our daily life. It is full of music, more than anything else. I get up, listen to music, work with the computer while I listen to music and later, already in the evening, we usually meet and rehearse (and there are often difficulties to establish an hour and a day too –laughs-). And we spend several hours with the songs and talk about shows, promo… And at night-time, more music while I am doing whatever.

(Rafael) Yes, as Álvaro said, our daily life is very musical. Ale and I study sound, which is even more musical. And when we stop studying, we go home with no time to eat and meet to play in our rehearsal place. The entire day with music, we are very boring guys.

(Alejandro) Well I get up at 07:10 to go to class… and actually, my life is not very interesting (laughs). Our music is more interesting than our lives, but maybe someday it will change and we will become pop superstars (laughs).