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Gabba Hey: Rock arrives at the classrooms

If a music school is called Gabba Hey we can already get the idea that this is no ordinary school. Taking the legendary song by The Ramones as reference, the first School of Rock has been opened in Granada. A Rock School which arrives to revolutionize all of those who want to dive into this kind music and experiment other ways of learning how to play an instrument.

Raúl Bernal, Víctor Sánchez and María Bellón are behind (and in front) a project in which they will not be alone, because if there is one sign characteristic of Gabba Hey, is the great staff it has as its teachers. Some of the children who attend the school won’t even know who their teachers are but their parents, they surely do, since among the teachers we find José Ignacio Lapido, who will teach Historia del Rock (History of Rock); Raúl Bernal (Jean Paul, Grupo de Expertos) and Víctor Sánchez (Lapido) themselves; and others like Alfonso Alcalá (Loquillo’s guitar and double-bass player) and Nani Castañeda (Los Niños Mutantes’ drummer). All of them, musicians —active rockers— who will be able to give a different vision on music itself for they know it from within and from without. In that respect, Víctor Sánchez is sure, and he tells us that Gabba Hey’s goal is to “reach as many people as possible and that people do not have to give up everything else to learn how to play an instrument, as happens in some cases”, since they agree that music exists to be enjoyed.

As any respectable school of rock, in its classrooms they will be teaching drums, guitar, bass, piano and vocals, and all this with special attention to early age and children’s teaching from 0 to 3 years old, and from 6 onwards. They are the future of everything, including music, “that’s why our idea is to train complete and versatile professionals,” Raúl Bernal remarks.

Gabba Hey’s history starts this very day but intends to make a name for itself in no time. They are clear about this: rock carries great cultural weight and the school’s task is to transmit it, to dignify the trade and to make sure Granada has a big pool of young rockers for a good while. Certainly, they will manage to do so.

Translation: Irene Soto.