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From Seville to Hawaii without stopover

The performance of Novedades Carminha was propagated like a virus through the main social networks, in hardly 24 hours, emphasising the fact that it was a really spectacular. It’s hard to imagine a better starting signal for one of the best musical offers of this summer (if not of the whole year), which the Sevillan main attraction Nocturama presented us with.

The audience was entering the inner courtyard of the Monastery. A few attacked the T-shirt stand of Carlos Sadness with a radicalism that was almost religious whereas others – like great strategic minds – searched the best spots to enjoy the performances of the day. The rest, possessed by the most undemanding spirit, hurried to exchange their money for those colourful coins that secure you two beers for the price of one.


Pinocho Detective accompanied the dusk on the island with a melancholic performance and a sober style. The sound of the band, with a sad beauty, didn’t need deceptions that would hold the attention of everyone present at the performance. The band from Seville, made up of Fran, Daniel and Antonio, supported Carlos Sadness and combined songs from his Memorias De Un Pez with some new ones from his upcoming work that will be released in September.

During the break, the conversations started again, as well as the bulk purchases of drinks and the come and go to the bathrooms. In the background sounded a mix of the best Spanish alternative music like La Bien Querida or Klauss & Kinski.

The DJ fell silent and Carlos Sadness entered the stage. If there had been any breeze, it would have made the singer’s long mane dance. If there had been any breeze, we wouldn’t have been in Seville. He held on to his ukulele like to a firstborn and he wore a red shirt – retro Texan style. He started with El Gran Momento and there was no need for any animal to stir the audience into letting themselves be carried away. Perséide followed, a song that is named after the star that won his obsession on that day when his parents showed him the rain of San Lorenzo.


He dedicated Miss Honolulu to that part of the female audience that is made up of unbearable bloggers and he performed Los Días Impares as an exception for a festival. The singer couldn’t resist giving in to Feria de Botánica, his spoiled child. That song, he explained, is the one which has been played the most, even though it’s not a single. Some of the viewers took of their shoes on the lawn and danced with Bikini to the sound of «en Sevilla muero de calor, Nocturama sálvame por favor» (In Seville, I’m dying of the heat, please, Nocturama, save me).

In a kind of initiation ceremony for his new guitar, Carlos and the rest of the band performed Veneno En La Piel by Radio Futura. It was a very original tribute, which mixed eighties sound at its best with the new tropical and optimistic style of the singer. At the end, Carlos Sadness finished his performance with another interpretation of El Gran Momento, thus closing a perfect circle: a loop of manes, pink flamencos and piña colada.