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Los Voluble: Flamenco crime

Inspired by the "free party is not a crime" movement, Los Voluble present a proposal in which flamenco and electronics intersect with critical culture and political video remix. Following the path of articulated approaches in previous shows like ’Raverdial’ or ’In the name of’, around the party, the common of the remix and the complexity of the collective, Pedro and Benito Jiménez propose a direct approach to the flamenco and its contradistinction: the purism against the avant-garde or experimentation, the attitude towards flamenco aptitude or its parallelism and connection with other musical genres such as Gqom, footwork, experimental dub, grime or reggaeton, among many other stylistic jumps.


Eclectic and dance sessions in which Los Voluble are nourished by audiovisual experimentation, which they have shown for two decades. Dirty mixes live in which they join archive material, global electronic music and Live Cinema, to bring us closer to their reflection on the heterodox of flamenco, the gypsy and the party as political action. After years of research on flamenco, in tune with people like bulos.net (Santi Barber and Raúl Cantizano) through experimentation laboratories that have led them to participate in such important events as the Sónar Festival, together with Niño de Elche or at the XVIII Flamenco Biennial of Seville with ’Cartuja a Ras’, Seminci Transmedia or Periferias (Huesca), without forgetting his proposal with the painter Manuel Léon and the cantaora Rocío Márquez, ’La Costilla de Rocío’ that was enjoyed at the Santa Clara Space of Seville, the CCCB of Barcelona and the Greenhouse of Arganzuela in Madrid.