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Fischer Tropsch

Fischer-Tropsch is a Spanish band formed in 2018 based in Seville by Alberto Villafañe (vocals/guitar) and Jose M. Vicaria (guitar/bass). Their music style goes from the fastest and noisier fuzzed-out music to the slowest and mellower songs. Their experimental approach to music leads to a wide variety of original songs with a common nexus: their love for noise-rock and lo-fi ambient music. In march 2018, Paco Romero (drums) joined the band to help with live sound experience and studio recordings.

Released in July 2019, their first single 'Seating' has been recorded by Victor Blanco at Even Whiter Studios and mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios (Radiohead, The Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai, Deerhunter…). The song takes inspiration from 70s punk rhythm sections and the classic chainsaw guitar sounds of the mid 80s, blended with retro-futuristic vocal embellishments.

Following 'Seating', the band is preparing a series of releases to complete last year's work and present their music to the world.