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Fictional psychodelia

The first day of the second edition of the most successful, top-notch and daring festival of La Safor lighted up Easter again, counting once more with great music featuring most of the best of the alternative Spanish scene.

After the performances, among others, of Correos (Master's stage) and Nacho Vegas, the pouring energy of Sidonie's always impecable live would lit the flame with quite a sonic proclamation sprinkled with a setlist which can but be made out of great songs due to their exemplary and glorious career. Sublime songs like the 'sierrocanadiense' pearl Yo soy la crema, the anthem-like, psychedelic beauty El bosque or the always ground-breaking El incendio fused with the local palm-trees to behold another quite achieved performance by a band which is always a guarantee of spectacle and know-how.


After Izal and Smile the most epic moments of the evening-night-morning would land. Rufus T. Firefly would expand their attractive and powerful airs in a select and dedicated show. Víctor Cabezuelo and his music-lover chariot went through such memorable stops as Nueve or El problemático Winston Smith to little by little showcase their majestic last album, one of those masterworks which move you and wrap around you and make you love music again even more.

Every note was a push of cosmic energy, implication and raw feeling. Rufus, perfectly fit for the stage of the Desperados, got along brutally well at the secondary stage with a performance so big and irresistible that it was all the same that you had woken up at 7 am the day before, ignoring the siesta and devouring more than 400 km. The guys from Aranjuez issue so much magic and attitude that any bullshit vanishes away to let go into cyclopean songs which burn until fusing into the heroic.


The last dish was the more than manageable progressive electropop of Mendetz and the more than tested quality of Dj Amable, absolute icon of the best indie electric sounds from the plates, turning to, as usual, a more than attractive and varied repertoire.

Festival Sansan

City Gandía

Place Wonderwall music resort

First day Thursday, April 2 2015