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Exquisite pop

Playing at home, the Cordovan Señor Blanco would be the ones inc harge of preceding Second under the spotlight. Developing their usual elegant and well-executed indie pop, the Andalucians presented three new songs from their impending new album, Los Elegidos, among them Antimateria, which gave some good touches of their new repertoire. A perfect appetizer for the next level of the night.

After a wait which seemed long due to the accumulated expectation, and with a top venue full to the rafters (sold out of course), the successful Murcian band had prepared a gig through and through with quite a select collection of songs from all of their great pieces and unstoppable choruses.

Sean Frutos and co started the night strong. The adherence and forcefulness of the roller-coaster-like 2502 broke the ice to begin the energetic loop. Do not expect any shoegazer thing, Second is pure movement, outpouring and nerve. Utter dedication prolonging the tempos in every piece with mastery and auto-relishing their creations as no one else. Typing, by all means, that in a magical day, the Murcians did a double encore, a remarkable and original piece of information that got the devoted audience hooked like few would, and that will remain.

Second 2.JPG

the first phase of the sound journey was splashed with a series of codas that never decreased and were liked in very chord. Antiyo, Muérdeme, Más suerte (in a quartet), Las serpientes or Espectador slipped through every pore of the collective and individual love for music. The cycle was closed with Tu alrededor, grand moment in which Sean passed the mic around among the fans, not ceasing to win them over with all his might.

With every one giving it all their attention and again expectant, they started after the first encore with another round of great songs. With a front man who sweat his shirt enthusiastically, they broke into Caramelos envenenados, pro-acoustic intimate instant during which, little by little, they went back to a quartet ensemble with Fran Guirao at the keyboards, not out of tune at all, one more symptom of how comfortable the band was, whose members got on and off stage or changed instruments and roles naturally and gracefully.

Second 3.JPG

Later came the fractional Conocerte, where a harmonica joined the party, and the dreamy N.A.D.A and Autodestructivos.

The cherries on top of the duo of the second encore and definitive third part were the anthems Si todo se oxida (majestically stretched to the sound orgasm at my favorite moment of the event) and the growing and in demand Rincón exquisito, which also took its time accordingly, using up all the plucking and every gesture to burst in the well-deserved ovation and satisfaction at a job well done.

Second 4.JPG

Place: Sala Hangar

City: Córdoba

Date: Friday, January 30th, 2015