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Eternal impressions

The festivities of San Sebastián de los Reyes dressed the Mad indie summer for a gala, appearing with a champions musical lineup for every music lover to enjoy; every single one of us who met the last Thursday-Friday North of the capital

The double dragon Lori-Lol was a maximum attraction to have fun once more with the best music and the magic of the live show.

With the attractive dramatic backdrops at the background, Lamprologus started up flowing in essences and lo-fi pro-Nirvana roots which were bursting with boldness and did not cease to spread, significantly taking advantage of their space.

After some last minute touches, the grand band from Loja appeared on the boards. A beyond right, professional and crescent performance which proved again why people always love The Loris, they devote themselves and their attitude never disappoints.

They also pulled off some very attractive and well-made visual effects, perfect for tri-dimensionalizing their always compelling gigs.

To the rhythm of the singsongs of light by Noni and their gang in Una señal, the legendary band Lori Meyers showed up to connect it with the exquisite guitar action in Planilandia.

The set seemed complete and to the taste of all of their excellent repertoire, continuing with the triptych Corazón elocuente, Luciérnagas y mariposas and Impronta, maximum and enriching metaphor from their most recent super album with guitar changes, from classical to electric, to cover it and make it grow with layers and textures.

The following sonic duet was for Dilema and the anthem called Tokio ya no nos quiere, cut which created the atmosphere with the feeling of listening to a top song live and first-hand, with all the greatness it entails.

After the collaboration of Annie B. Sweet for El tiempo pasará and after starting to show some Korg with Religión, A-sinte-odio and Luces de neon would follow, another grand song of irreversible chorus which began to enliven the audience.

Before the brilliant final jolts, the pause would come with Explícame, swinging the spotlights towards Alejandro Méndez, ideal moment to smoke a cigarette and take a bite of relaxation.

The maximization of the chorus-singing would come, as usual, with the ode to the love-sex misfortune, Emborracharme, which would connect with the thorough Huracán, expansive and intense from the keyboards, joining in the ecstasy Alfredo, galloping selective and roundly in his percussion climax.

Then, along came the connection with Alta fidelidad before fading away into the darkness of the instruments.

For the encore, they dared play Dos hombres con sombrero in a well-deserved tribute to that original masterpiece called Viaje de estudios. Sin ti ninguna parte es azar (Without you, no part is by chance), with such magnanimous aphorism it is impossible not to travel into the world of the most decisive feelings.

The final rhyming couplet would be in charge of a premium cocktail to burst out and truly be carried along by ¿Aha han vuelto? + Mi realidad, and nail another perfect show which continues to place them at the Olympus of the fortunate national alternative scene.

With a stage influenced by the flames and the passion of the previous super-gig, Love of lesbian would take the baton of the Andalusian to keep killing it. This time, the screens worked at full capacity harmonizing with the cosmos, with poetic and haughty justice, after the technical difficulties experienced in Santander.

The lesbian show seemed once more as gigantic and sublimely circus-like as usual, with presentations in the style of the NBA and/or a preseason football team (and it was just so when Santi Balmes surprised us with a pro-football shirt of the Sanse (San Sebastián de los Reyes’ team) after taking off his pro-dandi look of El poder de la tijera). With a beyond interesting mixture of songs (their hit Club de fans de John boy was not missing, embellished by grand cult songs such as Mal español, Noches reversibles and Los toros en la Wii. Fantástico) and by means of their most powerful and electrifying selection, Balmes and his guys got the audience in their pockets again and from minute one, unconditionally devoting themselves, making it crystal clear that they still have an awesome blast doing their job: writing songs and transmitting them with their five senses to their loyal masses.

The show was another display of media, means and disguises where all the staff savored the party, happily derailed as if there was no tomorrow, showing off such pertinent and beautiful emblem.

Julián Saldarriaga would join the festivities and various rallies, cheering people up with the Aztec interregnum Fantástico to underline and ennoble the ranchera moment with such a multicolored composition.

One more amazing show, the sort of show that leaves you craving for more, and which finished assuring a juicy night, where there are few.

Next, and to finish tracing the circle, La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol/MODA widened their hunger and their wit by opening in English via very polished and fusing North American rock with touches of limpid and solid folk country.

In a little bunch of letters, another beyond correct and fortunate event to continue to adore, even further if possible, the legendary year of our Lord 2014.

Translation by Irene Soto.