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Maroldo and his new project: Intact Animal

Eric Maroldo has just launched his new project called Intact Animal, with an EP composed of five songs that are harmonious and serene. “The intention is that the music be listened to while on the move – in the metro, a car, the train or an aeroplane”. It has been almost 8 years since this American swapped the hills of Los Angeles for those of Alhama de Granada. He went to seek out tranquillity and nature, to find inspiration, and it seems that he found it. “Intact Animal has guitar, bass and some drums, although the voice is the main instrument. We were looking for a very spacious sound, with a touch of spirituality”.

In this new project, he has also had the opportunity to work with professional musicians, who are also friends of his, such as Dee, Katrina Ford and David Bergander (who make up the group Celebration) Rob Girardi, Marin Shak, Jef Brown and Wim Vandewalle, with whom he did some remixes called Intact Animal vs. Cozy in 3's, which will be released very soon.

If we were to ask him what he wants to express with his music, for him it is clear: “I want to convey a sense of harmony and good energy. All positive, I don’t want to put out any stress or anxiety. My aim is for my music to be a cure, for when you are in a meditative state”. And it seems that audiences receive this new project with that positive energy. “I am very happy with the audience’s reaction. They can see that I make honest and pure music. The lyrics are deep and the sound is soothing. People always appreciate positive energy”.

He has lots of plans at the moment, such as recording videos for the songs No Tengo Prisa and See Your Light, and forming a group in Alhama to play live shows. He says there’s a good vibe between the band members, that they are going to start playing in Granada and hope to play all over the country. Eric Maroldo particularly likes Spanish audiences. “I love doing shows in Spain – the audiences are always so friendly and ready to party”.

We hope to be listening to Eric's music for a long time to come and, above all, we’ll keep watching him enjoy what he does. You can listen to Intact Animal on Bandcamp.