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The end of Death Grips

Death Grips announced they were separating at the beginning of July by means of a picture posted on their facebook. They wrote they were quitting now they were in their best moment on a piece of toilet paper. Unexpected news, given the fact that the band had just released another album by surprise, and announced a continuation that will be edited this very year by Harvest and Third World Records, their own record label. In the message, they also made clear that they do not consider themselves a conventional band but a demonstration of conceptual art that uses image and sound.

In this manner, four years of a project that has neither ceased to create controversy nor to musically investigate, come to an end. The music made by drummer Zach Hill (from the band Hella), keyboard player Andy Morin, and rapper Stefan Burnett goes beyond hip hop by means of constant experimentation. Facing a Death Grips album means being surprised by every spin. From the aggressiveness that Burnett keeps in every moment, going through the most electronic landscapes of The Money Store, to the collab with Björk in their last album, Niggas on the Moon.

Death Grips have led an astonishing trajectory since 2011, when they edited Exmilitary, an inflamed mixtape that built enough interest for Epic to sign them up. With them, the band would edit the following year, what is their most compact and well-made album, The Money Store. That same year No Love Deep Web would come out, a backward step with respect to what they had previously offered, but despite that, they went on changing the parameters between which the band moved. Government Plates circulates through a much more industrial and darker road. Their discography proves that, first of all, the goal of the band is not to get stuck in a particular sound.

Nevertheless, they have achieved a style of their own, characterised by an invasive sound, shielded by strong rhythms, as well as backgrounds that album by album have got more complex. The last of it, Niggas in the Moon, with the contribution of Björk, who provided her voice and serves as foundation for the unclassifiable proposal of the band.

The announcement puts an end to a career surrounded by controversies. Problems with record labels after allowing the free download of their albums in spite of their contracts, several tours cancelled without prior notice, and a frenetic rate of publishing new songs. What will be their final album, Jenny Death, will come out at the end of this year.

Translation by Irene Soto.