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Bala Perduda

Bala Perduda is an initiative by the Apolo concert venue whose goal is to invigorate the nonprofessional musical scene. The main motivation of the contest’s organization, facing the difficulty there is to enter the musical circles, is to give a little boost to those who work hard to make a name for themselves. Bala Perduda is an open format which gives a great number of bands the opportunity to put themselves on the map and makes it possible for the audience and the professionals of the trade to discover new talents.

The period for material reception will be open until October 20, 2014 and 18 bands will be chosen. These will play a series of shows at the Apolo venue; six shows altogether, and in each of them 3 bands will compete against each other. From each show, a winner band will result, which will go straight to the final. The finalists will be chosen by means of voting: 50% of the votes will come from the audience there present and the other 50% will come from the jury, composed of representatives of the profession.

Bala Perduda, apart from being characterized by being a modern contest which makes the most of new technology, is catalyzed through a website where the most interesting proposals are published so that the Net users can give their opinions, share and recommend them. Thus, helping broadcast the bands.

The Saurs came out the winners of the previous Bala Perduda and they are now part of the Primavera Club’s lineup.

For more information, consult Bala Perduda’s website

Translation: Irene Soto