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Electronics and dark lyrics on the second trip of Los Pasajeros

After an initial kick off with the single passenger, they release ‘Días extraños’ (Passengers part produced themselves, part Misterfly), medley of synth bases, a single voice as the spearhead and letters that leads into introverted and sensory issues.

The duo of Victor Pacheco and Jose Apolo joint backpacks filled with experiences, having left his fingerprints on a handful of groups. Victor has spent much of his musical career linked to electronic character projects as Proyecto Moda, Bethany, Strangers in Black and DAI, finally saturating in Commutadores, which is still part of their DNA and activity.

Jose, meanwhile, went through sinister air with La Saga and later in Los Nervios, where he took greater success and impact. Exerting as remixer for Lemon Fly, he spun with Commutadores, laying the first stitch for the ultimate union.


The first appearance of the name of the duo, The Passenger, takes shape in spirit (if not in body), when Jose Apolo performs the soundtrack of the short-film ‘Fancy Food’, the work of video artist Nani Chavez. The choice of vocalist for that ambience was Victor. The music was already, now missing the letter.

While Commutadores vanishes and is in standby (at least temporarily), the tandem gets down to the work of what would be his first studio album, ‘Días Extraños’.

Bringing together different the different influences that had marked them, the body of the first creature of Los Pasajeros drink four main sources: The Cure, Depeche Mode, Diary of Dreams and The Editors. Are 11 songs long haul, with the symphonic character that can be expected from arrangements that provide two keyboardists, but easy listening, especially for followers of synthpop with introverted, sensory and melancholic lyrics.

Key issues include: ‘Días Extraños’, opening with actual provisions of electro-rock, the favorite 'Passenger' and 'Primary Colors', a referential to 'Fancy Food' theme, and as instrumental as cryptic 'Designations' and ‘Nostalgia’. As a climax, ‘Deseo Perpetuo’ brings us a memory about gender that surely will grab the lover as the newcomer.