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El Kanka

If you had to choose between a live show of El Kanka but never listening to him again, or having his album but never seeing him perform live, my recommendation is clear: do not miss him flesh and blood.

I come in through the back door and El Manín greets me smiley smoking a cigarette before going inside for the show. "We start in ten minutes," nerves overcome me and I decide to go in before show time, inside the venue you can see a very varied audience, Louis Armstrong is playing and there is a relaxed atmosphere —that's the thing about a concert at a theater, you have to maintain composure—. Calm vanishes when the protagonists of the night come in: it is already a little after nine, the lights and the music turn off, and from the right side of the stage El Kanka, El Manín and Álvaro come up radiant. The audience applauds and whistles and they start the night with No jodan la marrana, a song from their last album, El día de suerte de Juan Gómez, with a clear message: do not stop listening to yourselves in order to listen to the rest. It is an individualistic song which rejects orders and all that is established. Applauses are inevitable during and after the first song. And to go on with the night, he sings Canela en rama in the form of a bolero. La vita è bella, la vie est belle, life is wonderful or rather: Qué bello es vivir makes us enjoy any air blow, el Kanka tells us the anecdote about his popular song between laughs, "I wrote it for a friend of mine, unbearably happy, who had been dumped by his girlfriend, my intention was to cheer him up a bit although he didn't really need to." We went from an unbearable happiness to an unendurable complaint with Lo mal que estoy y lo poco que me quejo, this song teaches us that, even with our soul in quarantine, we can sing with a cheerful rhythm and keeping time, as the song says " pobre de aquél que oculta su llanto" (poor things, the people who hide their crying).

When Manin stands up and starts doing beatbox we know they are going to make us happy with Me alegra la vista, a song from their second album which has a new style inside their repertoire, it's a funny song with a style similar to Calle 13.

No one would like to know they are about to die and to remember that last night they didn't have piglet for dinner because they are on a diet, right? A dieta de dietas is a lively song full of a strong criticism towards the great importance we give to our appearance these days.

Con el permiso de ustedes, the singer-songwriter from Málaga expreses his frustration about the hypocrisy there is in the music world, he would like less well-paid "fake singing" and more room to other musicians who sing from their hearts, he sings it to us to the rhythm of an Argentinean milonga.

The question of the night: Is the audience funky enough for live Refunk? Refunk is the song which undergoes the most changes in the live shows, in which they remix different songs giving it a especial touch. Last but not least, A desobedecer is the hit from their last album, a song which incites to revolution.

And thus, with our hearts filled with good vibes, the curtain drops. Chin-pon.