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Interview El Culebra

Survivor from the arid desert of musical marginality. Living (and rake) in the jungles of the sevillian and national movida.Culebra (Cule for friends) comes from a distant past and moved experiments. He began his emergence in music at an early age, bandwagon of revolt punk shipped in Plymouth that was installed in the Basque radikal rock, and further south would be transformed into the MGCM acronym (of free interpretation but the most common was "Montones de Guardias Civiles Muertos" ["Lots of Civil Guards Dead"]). Further adventures ended both the name and the controversy, transforming that wild punk rock in a shift to less muddy roots of blues and classic rock with a southern accent. Poplacara rescues the survivor who after the last skin change resulted in Mr Culebra & The Cheyennes, prepares to launch its first disk, geared more to personal and musical circumstances and to not forget old and not so old battles