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David Cordero and The rumour of the swell

David Cordero premiered his last work The Rumour of the Swell in March, 11th in Sevilla. An ambiental piece of work that makes you close your eyes and feel it.

<Music is a living way>, the one in which David Cordero walks and goes on. Imitating the rumour of the swell he has composed his new album, an oceanic and surrounding “geography”. A map full of emotions that brings you from Andalusia to Basque Country. He goes from the maritime landscapes from his place of birth, San Fernando (Cadiz) to Gaztelugatxe of Bermeo.

David Cordero shone as a star and it began in Ursula, the group he has belonged to for 10 years and he still shines. Cordero radiates energy and creates an unexplored and mental corner through his melodies, in which one can withdraw oneself and move away from the noises of the city.

The Rumour of the Swell is a place in the world where you can find peace. That’s how David Cordero describes it:

The Rumour of the Swell seems the story of a maritime landscape, but where does it come from? To where it leads to?

This work appears as the result of a wish of well-being, the feeling of being in peace with myself and with the world. Everybody brings face to the sea in a different way and every wave is different, that is the point of departure of my idea for this work, through these songs I recreate the healing effect that the waves gives me when I go into them. In order to do that I went through the beaches between the cost of Bizkaia and Cadiz, looking for sounds that carry me feelings, past emotions, memories, diving into it until I become part of the sea. These records are dated and have hours and specific tides. Each song is a beach, a story, a different wave. For me, the rumour of the swell is the sound that you hear when you close your eyes and immerse into yourself.


What does an artist feel when he makes a deep album like this one where the instruments are the protagonists?

I decided to stop singing a long time ago, all my last works are instrumental. The idea for this record rose as a unusal way. In the summer of 2014 I used to visit the beach with my friend Juan A. Romero to talk about our issues, to meditate, to look the sea…and one evening, in Conil, after two hours of looking and listening at the sea the idea came to my mind.

Your music is difficult to classify in a musical genre, which are the sources of your new record? How would you describe it?

It is cataloged as background music, some media have classified it as dream pop, but I like to call it just music, songs. I am terrible with labeling.

Influences? When I was composing the song the record I just had one, the sound of the sea. I can listen different types of music, depending on the day, on the week, etc…I think that the instruments I use are an influence, usually your equipment is part of you and is decisive in the final result. If this record would have been made only with guitars it wouldn’t be the same.

The rumour of the swell by the Nobel Yukio Mishima has a context that can be related to your record: an island where the rumour of the sea appears as the background noise. It is really related?

I read it a long time ago, I was looking for a short and beautiful title for the record and besides, that title had to express this concept of records of water. I was thinking about it and I had the book in front of me.

It was perfect, although the record is not related to the novel.

Would you say that with this record you have got the highest expression of your artistic personality?

I don’t know that. I hope expect to have attitude to continue with the recording of music. I am very proud of my work. I enjoyed the proccess of creation and I took my time to make it.

Your new record seems very personal and subjective, how did you promote that record? Have you planned a tour?

I promoted it like any other record, you just have to explain the story and the idea of how it was born and developed.

After the presentation in the Centro de las Artes of Sevilla for the cycle of SHOWCAS, we are going to be in the LAPSUS FESTIVAL of Barcelona on April 2th.


How did the public receive the record?

Very well indeed, but I don’t think about that, I only care about my opinion and satisfaction. I believe that if a musician is not happy with his work, the public won’t like it.

How do you think your music has evolved since the times of Ursula?

I have never thought about that. I think that my music has evolved by itself, it has flowed due to the things I have learned, I have learned from other musicians, the sounds I have discovered through the years.

If you listen the discs recorded with Ursula all are different, evolutions and changes have always happened.

I like to think that music is like a living way, I’d rather do nothing instead doing always the same.