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Darkness with a bit of light

That's how the new album of Raydibaum is like: deep and dark but over all free of conventions which mark a turning point in the career of this band from Barcelona. La Casa Elizalde, in the same city, sheltered the presentation a few days ago in a «cultural centre format, a bit weird», as Valen Nieto, leader of the band, joked about, but which won in proximity and complicity with the audience.


Some 100 people achieved the «free sould out» -another joke of the night- since entrance was free, with booking, as are all activities organized by this space owned by the Town Hall, which has a very interesting stable programming and which shelters cycles such as Fent l'Indie, cycle in which the concert of Raydibaum was framed. In this concert we could listen live to the songs of  Estructuras sota terra (2014), the third album in Catalonian of the band- they had previously published two in English. An album which has been an important change in the career of the band, which is celebrating their tenth anniversary onstage; without breaking their coherence as a band, they have searched to be more themselves in this third record, and consolidate their own sound leaving behind their collection of more luminous pop and rock songs, with simpler structures and friendlier songs, which we find in their previous albums Manual de gènere catastròfic (2008) and Per fi potser demà (2011), to go into a more complex terrain at a musical level and introspective at a lyrics level, something I myself celebrate for it has been a great step towards quality and growth which is to be appreciated; risking, perhaps, being liked by the general audience, but that's what art is about (and music within it): about risking and pouring out what one has inside, that's what makes bands unique andd sets them appart.


The concert was a full revision of their new work, 12 songs which compose an album almost thematic, very conceptual, 12 songs which fill of feelings and emotions from the first to the last track. This new sound, perhaps not that new, reminds us of the origins of the band, with acoustic guitars left on the bacground and making electric sounds and sideral and alcaloid effects deeper; there is a prominent presence of the bass in some moments creating almost mantra-like moments like in El Cel Nu.

It was in the encore that they recovered some of their previous records' hits and where we could clearly appreciate, in case there were any doubts, the stylistic change of the band.




Casa Elizalde


Cicle Concierts Fent L'Indie

8 May 2015