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Dance and humor from Mexico

Capullo are a band from Mexico who play electronic pop with catchy rhythms and lyrics about teenage love and heartbreak full of humor and irony. In 2012 they premiered Testigos el fin del mundo, (witnesses of the end of the world), an album recorded in their homemade recording studio. If there is one song which defines Capullo’s style, that is Merequeteke, a hit previous to the edition of their debut with a clear danceable component.

The last thing we have heard from them is Orientación Vocacional, they are preparing a new album. At the beginning of the year they let us listen to another single, No pases más por mí, an advance which announced a turn towards guitars and with lyrics of the kind you cannot get out of your head. We talked to them about their new songs:

It has been two years since Testigos del fin del mundo and we have already had the opportunity to listen to some new songs. Are you preparing a new album?

Yes, we are preparing a new album, since the world did not end we are still celebrating, writing new songs. The new stuff is more teenage than ever, hearts engraved on trees.

In the last songs we have listened to: No pases más por mí, Déjame vivir and Orientación vocacional; there is a turn more towards guitars which are more present. Have you grown tired of synthesizers?

We are multi-affectionate, now we are having fun with our member John Bla Bla’s guitars. We love synthesizers but we are like children with a new toy, bleeding his fingers.

In the new songs you can hear a much more professional sound. Where did you record them?

You ought not to believe it, but we are still recording at home, we like the noodles soup my mom makes and we do not find that luxury in any recording studio (laughter). But we did try to be more careful with the microphones, the software and the recording equipment in general. So good you noticed.

Juan Gabriel’s cover, Déjame Vivir, seems to be yours. Why did you decided to cover that song?

It tells a lovely story which often happens to us, sometimes it’s on us to beg and some other times people beg us. It’s more often they beg us (laughter). It was not enough for us to take over the song, but we also took over the video clip by putting our version on top of it, you can check it out on YouTube, it’s a lot of fun.

Capullo’s two most characteristic elements are the rhythm and also the lyrics. How do you define your music?

It is very hard to define because we feel heirs of the history of music, we go and take the color from that beautiful palette. At certain times it was rock and roll with merengue and acoustic boxes, romantic ballads, remixes of music from cowboy movies, baroque improvisation…

About the lyrics, who is in charge of writing them? Where do you find the inspiration to give them that touch of comedy and irony?

We write the songs all together. We have become just one mind. We have been wanting to write some sad lyrics, serious, with a spiritual message, but what comes out is always some ironic sentence which is impossible to ignore.

Your lyrics have this wisecrack thing that is hard to match, however, No pases más por mí surpasses even yourselves. Do you feel the pressure of your previous songs?

We feel that pressure a little every time we release something new, but we think every song is special by itself and each of them corresponds to different times and circumstances. We prefer not to make them compete.

It has been several years since Testigos del Fin del Mundo now. What do you think about that album?

It is an album we love, because it is so varied that we managed to resolve many of our musical curiosities, if we weren’t Capullo we would have it original for sure.