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Quintessential surrealist anglo–pop

Dan Lyons is a renowned drummer for London rock bands like Fat White Family or Phobophobes. Fleeing the noise and pollution of urban life, Dan settled in Margate, on the Kent coast, where he found the necessary tranquility to dedicate himself to composing. From there he began a fruitful career as a soloist with good live shows in which he is accompanied by a band of veteran musicians from the London scene.

Dan Lyons describes his album as a journey. Based on a personal experience, his lyrics speak of feelings such as loss, love and friendship, all set in a semi-fictional world he calls Subsuburbia. His sound has been described as “Quintessential surrealist Anglo–pop" as it weaves influences from artists like Echo and the Bunnymen and the Beatles of the Rubber Soul era with the lo-fi sound of The Go Betweens and Syd Barrett.