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Complex, seeker and variable

Magic can be felt in La sala, the drummer greets us good night with a big smile before starting. With Mujer perfecta, she talks to us about the knowledge of oneself, about searching and losing. Plástico traps you in a web of sounds which show you her vision of reality as a net, reality as something very different from the emptiness of routine but comfortable life.

With Entre cajas she showed us that we live among boxes and, as the song says, being happy is just logical.

Adicción a la acción makes us vibrate before the non-stop essence of life, always running somewhere, always having something due, always living in a nonexistent future, always leaving the present behind, forgetting the here and now. Action as an escape.


With a soul rhythm, Virgina sings about those days which we wish would not finish making reference to the movie Groundhog Day, title which also gives name to her song.

With Dos ruedas Virginia describes a day biking, enjoying moments without concerns, just feeling alive.

Alicia Morillo gets onstage with an ukelele and a great sense of humor and tells us that, when Virginia asked her to play together, she searched for a song which was easy to learn, the less sexist one she found was Pinnochio and that was the one she sang. With the amazing voice of Alicia and the rhythm of Virginia their understanding placed us in a bar of the Far West.


And without further delay, came the time everyone was waiting for, the time of vice, and, with a rhythm of 'perreo', Hipersexualidad, with an attractive and catchy critique to sex, a market of plastic people and synthetic brains, supposedly liberal but resigned to a lie.

She ended with El regalo. Ideal to close a night which, without a doubt, also was so. Virginia showed herself openly and with a mixture of humour and critique, with a fresh air of music that is alive.