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Class and control

The Delines – 16th September:Apolo 2 Barcelona

The unsettled Willy Vlautin – leader of Richmond Fontaine – has created a new project called The Delines, made up of experienced musicians from bands like The Minus 5, Dandy Warhols or The Damnations. Last June, they released their only disc Colfax (El Cortez/Delines 2014), which they came to present in our country these days.


Those who know Vlautin will already know how the wind blows, even though this time he has left aside this dry and marginal sound, the perfect mix between Calexico and Wilco, which were Richmond Fontaine, and has placed his bet on a sound that is more melodic, cleaner and definitely more oriented towards country soul. Especially when it comes to enjoying the velvety voice of Amy Boone, the main protagonist of all of this, something we could provide proof of last night in the hall 2 of Apolo.

Their live show gave the impression of The Delines being a tremendous ensemble of musicians, very professional and knowing which is their role at any moment, without giving in to excesses. Vlautin himselfkept a low profile with his guitar and let Amy Boone take the stage, but without totally letting go.


The songs of Colfax were intermingled with new ones which – as they announced – will be on a second disc that’s soon to be released. The Oil Rigs at Night, Colfax Avenue and I Won’t Slip Up were performed with much elegance; a few keyboard notes here, some tearful arpeggios there, the glorious trumpet which was taken out of the keyboarder Cory Gray’s sleeve at a given moment. Even the Mexican bassist Freddy Trujillo left us with open mouths as he sang with an amazing voice a song that was dedicated to his famous compatriot Freddy Fender.


We’re left with emphasising He Told Her the City Was Killing Him with its beautiful chorus and a great musical finale, sober and without superfluous pirouettes. Also Vlautin’s guitar job, showing that there is no need for solos or unnecessary pizzicatos, you just have to know how to play with the intensity of the song, letting the chords wrap the song in order to create this nightly atmosphere, which you can describe with its lyrics of single hearts in urban nights.

A night of devotion and melancholy.