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Claire Halford, music as a necessity

The British singer songwriter Claire Halford, resident in Seville for a few years, has a close relationship with music since she was very young. Accompanied by her guitar during her concerts, she does not dismiss the opportunity that offers the use of different instruments and the mix of styles. With a clear intention of recording an album soon, she tells us her experience in the world of music.

How did you start in music? What was your motivation?

I'd always loved singing and writing songs but I was 13 the first time I picked up a guitar and I fell in love instantly. I started playing every day and never stopped. I've always felt that music is a necessity for me so motivation was never a question.

Blues, soul, lo-fi jazz… These are some of the genres that define your music. What are your musical influences?

It's a very difficult question for me as I have so many. I'm most inspired and influenced by the music of African American artists ranging from the delta blues and swing musicians of the 1930s, to the soul musicians of the 1970s.

In your concerts, you cover songs from other artists but also play your own ones. How long have you been composing? How does inspiration arise?

I've written songs since I was a little girl, and it has always been my way to vent about how I'm feeling. I always struggled to talk about my emotions when I was younger and music was my way to communicate that, it's very therapeutic for me.

We have seen you in acoustic concerts with your guitar. Do you consider playing accompanied by more instruments?

This year has been very exciting for me as I'm moving away from acoustic concerts and playing with my electric guitar and loop pedal, so I can layer guitar, beatboxing and vocals live. I'm definitely up for collaborating with other musicians, and I would love to include more brass and string instruments.

For the moment, you don’t have an album recorded. Would you like to do it as a future project?

Yes, I have been wanting to record an album for a while. It's something I plan to do this year or next. Stay tuned!


You are from Leicester (UK). However, you have been living in Seville for a while. How is the music environment in both cities? Which one do you prefer?

I always enjoyed the music from Leicester and there are some incredible musicians there but in Seville it's a different story. There's such a great atmosphere here around the music especially where I'm based in the alameda. Every night is filled with music and you get to know everyone, there's a very strong community.

A place where you would like to play some day:

I think playing at Glastonbury would be pretty cool.

An artist with whom you would like to collaborate:

I think if I could choose to play with any musician I would have to choose one of my heroes. The Beatles have always been my favourite band since I was a child so I would choose Paul McCartney.

In order to finish the interview and know your tastes, a recommendation about an artist that you have listened to and you liked it:

An artist I've listened to recently and would recommend is Jimmy Ricks, he's not very well known but I love his stuff.