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Chronicle of Cycle in Tarragona

They celebrate their 10th anniversary and they have a new album, Dance All Over, the concert of presentation of which a few days before in Madrid still echoes. That's how Cycle arrived at the Sala Zero in Tarragona. When they appear onstage they find a venue crowded by an already excited audience thanks to the phenomenal live of Verkeren.


Luke Donovan and La China dominate the stage: they know how to get the audience involved and make them dance, while David Kano and Juanjo Reig take care of the music of a setlist which manages to increase its intensity gradually. The most celebrated and danced songs are Be The One, Saturday Girl and Dance All Over, all from their last work, which is evidence of its success.


The band has a perfect balance between musical reliability, with presence onstage, and live dedication. Luke Donovan knows how to connect with the audience, make them dance, communicate with them, while La China adds just the right ammount of provocation: throws water to the first rows, gives them her hand, raises her skirt... Their dedication is welcome and people jump, dance and raise their arms to the rhythm of the songs, in a concert which can be considered a new success in this recently started tour.