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Canadian landing at Santander

The good things, the best, always have an end as well. The festival came to its eclosion, and the feelings, and all the decisiveness that floated on the atmosphere was craving for its final implosion.

On this occasion, the one in charge of electronizing the intermezzos was Miqui Puig.

The first to head for the final stages would be the Cantabrian sextet Templeton, who underlined their sound through a progressiveness of sweet and light melodies, of well rocked and measured gusts and uncovering itself like a perfect starter for the sound blows to come.

Sidonie. The legendary super band from the ciudad condal (Barcelona) would squeeze again their minuting selecting pure caviar from their whole gourmet song book. You may like them more or less —I find them irreversibly sublime—, but it is undeniable that their punch and their attitude live is professionally flawless. They measure the tempos like no one else, they devote themselves, they have fun and enhance themselves, and they cover their grand songs with strengthened magic.

The setlist was orgasmic from the beginning (La Sombra) to delight us in the third cut with A Mil Años Luz, that eternal hymn which makes collective subjectivities surface and of which I personally think, is one of the best songs ever made in these or in any latitudes. The pinnacle of the glorious Fluido García where passion is unleashed and Axel’s percussion rides in unison with Marc and Jes’ sharp and precise guitaring to encircle a masterpiece which gives you goosebumps and reminds you in every harmony why music is one of the most vital parts of your existence.

After well accounting for their recent sierracanadian supersongs they finished off with El Incendio to burn every vessel and once again, set a high standard and leave the melomaniac urge intact.

Another legendary gig where Marc Ros went back to float among the fans with that ode to daily misfortunes, Un Día de Mierda, karaoke-altered with wit and which proved, once more, all the talent of a very rolled band and which doesn’t cease to reinvent itself. Grand again, thanks again to Marc, Axel, Jes, Edu and Marcel.

We tasted Glass Animals in the half-times when the atmospheres and the presentiments of the magnificent band from Tres Cantos already surfed the air.

Vetusta Morla. La Deriva towards their Golpe Maestro (master broke) was a continuous rush to embed again an exquisite live performance in the history of music, during which Pucho released himself in every propitious cut for a memorable soundtrack. Copenhague and Valiente shaked the sound and the calmness barriers to make all the ensemble’s elegant rage pop up, ensemble which doesn’t stop touring either, and which leaves justified compliments and a much deserved admiration after them.

Again, you may like them more or less, but they prove themselves impeccable in the instrumentation and they transport you flying to a crazy love for music and focusing only on being carried along by their lyrics and the force.

Unfortunately, we were facing the last hours of the Santander Music. Everything had been worth it and the word success traveled again like gunpowder. The party’s shares were standing upwards and the sound dividends grew until paralyzing the market.

Then, the experienced and sexy-cult Sadie appeared on the main stage to reminisce the 90s laurels —thank you Nirvana, thank you Los Planetas, always— in a heart-felt and melancholically meticulous performance full of gracefulness and presence. To their co-religionists’ delight, they emptied themselves with a couple of extra encores which continued to keep the level and gave a golden final touch to the sunset of three days and three nights which were unforgettable, light, of necessary psychedelic phases and above all, full of songs without expiration date, people with a will to have fun, and all that, in the ideal season for all that’s important and for the intensity: summer.

«They are heart-broken because of love those who, when it gets into their chest, try to cut its wings or tie it [,] but those who, when it comes are grateful and cherish it, and when it goes away, they let it go, are always loved and under its influence they will succeed. So for this reason, do not try to regularize those who fly, or cut off those who approach you, and thus, you will be happy.» (Maquiavelo)

Photo: Silvia Cantera (Templeton), Saray Lobo y Vidala (Vetusta Morla), Saray Lobo (Sexy Sadie) y Vidala (Sidonie)