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Bungalow Bill

When we were immersed in the organisation, three summers ago now, of Sevilla 80’s the Homenaje (homage), trying to bring together again some legendary bands from those years, we pleasantly received the offer of a band from Ceuta, which also was around Sevilla in the decade, to come play some old glorious songs in the 80s party. The band in question was Los Desertores (the deserters), who gathered again for that memorable night on December 22th, 2012

Since then I’ve kept in touch with José Biosca and other musicians from Ceuta, and today from POPLACARA, we bring you the new project by Mr. Biosca: Bungalow Bill.

After José Miguel Casas left, and the march-past of different drummers, Desertores broke up for good around the year 1996. Their last concert was at the night club Travelling, in which only unplugged songs with two guitars, and sometimes a bass, were played. José Luis Patiño, José Biosca, José Miguel Casas and Vicente Martínez followed opposite paths without looking back and they never officially coincided again in any other musical project until more than ten years later, when José Miguel Casas and José Biosca played together again in a band called Los Devotos, and later, along with José Luis Patiño in the show The Homenaje with Desertores in the Fun Club bar, remembering the music from the 80s in Sevilla.

A while later, José Luis Patiño and Vicente Martínez took up the acoustic project which they had quit in 1996 for two more years, getting to capture in CD a couple of works in which José Miguel Casas and José Biosca played some tracks together.

In the last years of Desertores, before the definite breakup of 1996, José Biosca played for several bands, such as Paquete Central (group of covers) and Anónimos, S.A. After a break from music, he started a new project, Colok2, but in this occasion with his own songs. Colok2 began blending very different styles based on the first two albums José Biosca had listened to when he was little (8 years old), Let it Be (The Beatles) and Made in Europe (Deep Purple), influences that had always accompanied him along his trajectory. This project lasted 10 years during which three albums were recorded being characterised by a gradual injection of bigger and bigger doses of rock. Being this last project finished, a new band came up, Los Devotos, which was active for two years (2009-2011) and, although they collected many compositions of their own, they only got to record one album of six songs.

José Miguel Casas was never short of musical proposals, so he had always been involved in different bands from Ceuta, Tyrrell Corporation, Silent Bob, Dexedrine, Anónimos, S.A., Belostenik, Los Devotos, and in a vast number of one-time collaborations with other musicians and bands from the Ceuta musical scene.

After Los Devotos split up, José Biosca focused his undivided attention in some recordings he had at home with the intention of starting a new project. From the beginning of 2012, slow but steady, he started shaping a total of 12 songs he had already partially recorded and that had not got to see the light. As he was making progress in the production of the album, in the end of 2013 he reached José Miguel Casas and Diego Fernández, veteran bass player for legendary bands like Pagina 3, who had taken up his musical career again a little while ago, and he proposed preparing the material to present it live. From the first Bungalow Bill rehersal onwards, the recording was left behind and the songs began to acquire more and more strength only with the guitar, bass and drums. They went on putting the final touches in the tracks that would make up the album with a series of live performances around their native area, and decided then to jump into the recording studio.

The first album by Bungalow Bill which has been baptised with the title Donde las morsas quieren descansar (where the walruses want to rest), will be auto-financed and edited by the recording label of a company from Madrid called RockCd Récords which also deals with the register and digital distribution in the most important websites such as Amazon, Itunes, or Spotify.

The album is a little distant from the style of the last two bands of José Biosca, it’s a much smoother rock in which the songs that could be closer to Colok2 don’t get to be near Los Devotos either, although there are songs belonging to indie or pop, and on the other hand we can also find quite orchestrated songs with Hammond or Farfisa organs, violins, cellos, doubles basses, violas, flutes, etc. Nonetheless, the songs adapt to a guitar, bass and drums base when played live, where they acquire a thicker, more solid and forceful aspect. The lyrics are impregnated with the different states of mind that we all go through; they are full of joy, rage, pain, sadness, dreams, nostalgia, or memories that in many cases can make you sail your own wishes, depending on the interpretation that each of us give them.

They are currently in a dialogue with the blogger and radio announcer José Miguel Carrasco (Bloggininthewind, Bloggin in the air) to play in Sevilla soon, the city that brought them so much joy and that they have never forgotten.

Translation by Irene Soto.