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Bulldozer Fuentes

Since the release of the triple CD Barcelona (Bcore 2014), Èric Fuentes hasn’t showed up at the stages very much. A few summer festivals but little more. It seems he has decided to carefully select his gigs instead of the typical album presentation tour, therefore his performance at Almo2bar, in the Barcelona neighborhood of Gracia, was an obligatory visit

Before, a novice band, also from the house Bcore, warmed up the atmosphere, they are Dulce pájara de juventud. With barely an album and an EP out, this band already aims at interesting ideas. Instrumental developments with abrasive plucking and a great melodic sensitivity are their most powerful weapons.

At about ten and a half in the night, Èric’s locomotive started, his brother Pol and company were gobbling down, almost without batting an eyelid, a big part of the first album, the first of the three that make up Barcelona. Despeñaperros, Amb l’aigua al coll and Incansable sound amazing. The corrosive messages of Trist i Patètic, Parlar per Parlar and mainly, that grincore punch in your face that is Caus al fang (sung by the guest appearance Guillem Funollet, the lyricist of the song) invites to a rebellion as if we were in England in the end of the 70s.

Èric is a magician who explosively mixes hardcore, emo, punk and rock, and it still pure fire onstage, transmitting all its power without giving you a break. He knocks you little by little and when you think he has already reached the maximum intensity, he still has one more march in his pocket to finish inflaming the audience.

The whiplash lowers the revolutions with Acadèmia, but it’s just a mirage, because they soon recover their rhythm with Future Love Song, an energetic song very much in the style of Unfinished Sympathy. For the encore they leave two covers, Hanging on the telephone and Ataque preventivo de la URSS, and Cowboy among the crazy dancing about of the audience. If any band wonders how to make people have a good time, here they have the answer. Quite an adrenaline shot that made us vibrate and shake our heads non-stop. Long live the king Èric Fuentes.

Translation by Irene Soto