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Buisan release new album

BUISAN, the Argentinean electronic duo, release their first album with all-English song lyrics Are You Happy in this Modern World?”

This project was born almost unintentionally, in a very casual way.

Both Enrique and Christian speak English since they were boys, and most of the bands who influenced their music werent native English speakers: ABBA, A-ha. Ace of Base, Alphaville, D/Vision…

So, it wasnt strange for them to compose the lyrics of their songs in English and then translate them into Spanish, although they never though of recording the songs in the language of Shakespeare. 

Many years later, by a twist of fate, Javier León, producer and singer in the previous albums of BUISAN, who also loves to sing in different languages, proposed to re-record some of the songs of the earlier albums and release the first all English album, and the result was Are You Happy in this Modern World?”

BUISAN is an Argentine duo made up by Enrique Ángel Buisan & Christian Martínez Buisan. They play Electronic and Synth-Pop music.

They have both been attracted to music since they were little kids. As teenagers, music became a passion leading them to compose their first songs during those lazy evenings in their beloved city of Buenos Aires.

An outbreak of creativity generating over fifty songs; songs they intended to use to make themselves known through the world. But the winding roads of destiny put their dreams on hold, as their private and professional lives led them trough different paths.

They have never stopped day-dreaming, and suddenly a lucky strike made them run into music producer, composer and singer Javier Leon, who suggested, after listening to some of their early demos”, that they should record an album.

BUISANs musical influences are as evident as they are upsetting, as a result of two personalities and ways of thinking and facing life that are similar, and at the same time opposite. Two faces of the same coin. Aquarius and Pisces.

From electronic music to heavy metal, from pop to classical music, from Swedish naive Abba to American hard rock band Gunsn Roses, from the sexy Italian singer Raffaella Carrá to the obscure British tecno pop of Depeche mode; from the French genius Jean Michel Jarre to the best Argentinean rock band off all times, Soda Stereo, and so on… different sounds that would lead them through different paths, generating a unique style. People may sometimes like it, sometimes be upset by it, and many others find it difficult to classify.