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Bosco Valero

Bosco Valero is a guy educated at an Opus Dei school in the suburbs; he is the town's butcher who does not like state officials; he is the Pope asking for silence in front of a crowd waiting for his blessing; and he is God in all his vanity.

Bosco Valero's music comes from common places to tell that which happens in the cracks, in which can be perceived but not named, tragedy without romanticism, what makes us humans. He does not hesitate to pour salt into the wounds of each of the characters which inhabit in his compositions. It is just that Bosco does not stop to judge that which he transforms into a song, but he shows it to whoever wants to listen and, that way, unexpectedly, teaching takes place.

Bosco presents himself as a "neorural singer-songwriter" after moving away to the countryside, but the truth is that he is a musician who knows how to adapt to the place he inhabits. After working on different projects, which include from multiple bands, to the use of electronic music in his repertoire, he now introduces himself naked, wild and raw. Voice and guitar reinforce (if possible) the message of his lyrics and his landscape imagery, whether rural or urban. Undoubtedly anyone can relive them in their mind while they listen to his songs.

Daily life does not always have to be easy. We feel this way deep down. Bosco captures it, turns it into a song and spits it on your face.

Autor: Rafa Tovar