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Bitten by PERRO

They are nothing like dogs, at least onstage. Perro (dog) moves, dances, sings, yells and, in the end, bites among an audience which ends up devoted to these four boys from Murcia who are taking off inside the music scene at full speed. They arrived in Granada as the protagonists of the first Milivingroom party of the season and offered a show (video premiere included) with which they made it clear that the adjectives "ground-breaking, insolent, fresh and genuine" are not a lie. With a capacity of more than half the venue, Francisco J. del Valle batería-, Guillermo Fabregat and Adrián Albacete –voice, guitar, bass and synths- along with Aarón Díaz -drums and keyboards- they appeared on the scene to give it all from the beginning and threshed their Tiene Bacalao, Tiene Melodía with force and a Murcia style; "because the people from Murcia, we are people of few words but of big hearts, " they let out funnily.

They did not beat around the bush and started off with their Gran Ejemplo de Juventud (great example of youth) as if they were clear about the message they wanted to send. From the start, they proved that their "short career" (it was their second time in Granada) does not take away the mastery in things such as linking songs and giving a complete doggy performance which surrounds you from beginning to end. It is one of the keys which show that a band know their stuff and they do not provide awkward silences to make the night never-ending. Then, Camiseta, Catán and Marlotina followed, and one of the most chanted and danced by their followers: La reina de Inglaterra. They did not forget about songs like A bailarlo from their first EP Singles Brasileñas, which they used to end the night and during which they burst in a killing ending after a little more than an hour without restraint on the boards. Their 'weird' mixture with shades of punk, rock, noise and electro, along with their simple lyrics full of references that everybody knows, makes an impression on people, it really does.

Watch out for Perro and Mott, their fellows and travel companions in this tour. Together, they are offering a Molotov cocktail which makes it clear that the Murcia scene is more alive than ever and that, surprisingly, Perro's barking is not annoying, they are addictive.

Translation: Irene Soto.