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Belau, dreamy electronica

Belau is an electronic music duo based in Budapest. It is made up of the multi-instrumentalists Krisztián Buzás and Péter Kedves, who also works as the main composer. Inspired by the fundamental elements of nature, especially the infinite sea, and through elegant electronic rhythms, Belau creates music whose objective is to guide the listener towards self-awareness and comfort of the mind. They edit concept albums, which are dedicated to different geographic areas of the world.

Belau is one of the most promising electronica newcomers around the European music scene. In three years, they had almost 200 live performances in 23 countries. The debut full-length album, The Odyssey won the Hungarian Grammy in best electronic music album category. Belau, tease a brand new song featuring Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg (Blue Foundation) from their upcoming LP. Their long-awaited sophomore album, titled Colourwave, will be out on 29th of May. You can hear the exotic beats of the band live on their tour which starts in Autumn.