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Belau and the infinite sea

Belau and the infinite sea: a new way of understanding electronics

Peter Kedves and Krisztian Buzas are the two names that make up Belau, one of the most promising electronic bands on the European music scene. In just three years, Belau has given neither more nor less than 200 live shows in 23 countries. Furthermore, their debut LP, “The Odyssey”, led them to win the Hungarian Grammy in the category of best electronic music album. Now, after the release of her long-awaited second album, “Colourwave”, Belau is back with a music video that lives up to her sounds and an innovative mystical night version of her “Risk It All” with Amahla.

Belau is a band capable of taking us out of our daily lives while taking us to the depth of our being and guiding us on the path of self-awareness, not only through modern and elegant electronic beats, but also thanks to nostalgic lyrics. For this, they use the infinite sea, since one of its great inspiring elements is nature. And it is thanks to the waves of the sea that the Hungarian band can give shelter to the modern individual since, as they affirm, they try to give "a special coastal atmosphere" to their concerts. The song Take “You To The Sea” faithfully reflects this idea.

But nature isn't the only source of inspiration for the electronics duo. Belau is inspired by movies, series, photos, adventures or simply a chat with friends. One of the series that they point out as the most influential in their music is the successful Dark. Despite this, one of the band's greatest inspirations is traveling. In fact, just before the global coronavirus pandemic, Belau visited many cities. However, in the wake of the chaos caused by the world situation, the group has sadly had to cancel the album release tour.


So far, the success of the most famous electronic band in Budapest has had many international hits. Since they won the Hungarian Grammy in the category of best electronic music album, the group has not stopped playing in different countries where they have been invited - about 200 live shows in 23 countries - and being praised by different festivals recognized as Primavera, Eurosonic, Electronic Castle, Sziget, SXSW, among others. In addition, Belau has been supported by radios such as BBC Radio 1 or KEXP and media such as Clash Music, Billboard, The Line of Best Fir or Ones to Watch. This support is due in part to the incredible number of views his early releases reached, even reaching a million. Not even Belau believes their success, much less that they have the Hungarian Grammy in their hands: “We couldn't believe it, the band was very young and there were some of the most important Hungarian bands also nominated, so it was a surprise for us”.

Their latest album – “Colourwave” - released in 2020 is, in Belau's words, "a huge milestone" for the band. The album has received so many great reviews and tremendous feedback that has enabled the group to achieve its goal: "to reach more people with it", despite the fact that the virus has paralyzed the climb. With this album Belau wants listeners to immerse themselves in their thoughts. In this way, they point up one of their favorite tracks, “Risk It All”, as the "song of possibility." Before the release in February, the group shot a video clip in different European locations of breathtaking beauty.

In April 2021 Belau wants to release the Deluxe version of “Colourwave” with new remixes, live sessions, re-sale versions and a new song. We are already told that there will be a remix of “Risk It All” by a great drum and bass duo called Hillsdom. Until then, we will have to wait a little longer to listen to a Belau’s live, since due to the current global crisis the Hungarian band has had to reorder their tour schedule.