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BeatLove releases "Gorilla"

Who knows what would happen to BeatLove if 2018 still had a few more months left. The final stretch of the year that the young Sevillian duo is living is just idyllic.

BeatLove is an electronic music duo from Seville, formed by Benjamin Jimenez and Myriam Fernandez, whose name, as the word suggests and as they themselves define it, originates from an explosion of love and rhythm, creating music that’s personal and with character to submerge listeners into a deep voyage of intimate melodies, enveloping textures and exciting voices.

If a few weeks ago they won the Villa de Bilbao bands competition (Urban category), a few days later they merged music, art, history and architecture in a dream space like the Archaeological Ensemble of Madinat Al-Zahra (Córdoba, Spain), now they have just released “Gorilla”.

Gorilla” consists of four original songs -including “Train”, music video below- and has been published by Beautiful Accident (Fernando Lagreca‘s label, also responsible for the last releases of Lasers, Litorate or Galera). Benjamín Jiménez and Myriam Fernández dropped us as they had never done before a lesson designing beats blend with emotive triphop/pop vocals with passionate mewling synthetic and organic sounds. Urban and vaporous house in the mood of Four Tet, Bonobo, perhaps James AV or Stillhead.

Don’t stop judging yourself… All you need is BeatLove!