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Astropålido, poetic lies

Astropálido is funk rhythm, enveloping guitars, ballads. This year, they are also `Mentiras para contar la verdad´. Rafa, Ale, Alberto y Daniel create in a rehearsal studio decorated by a mixture of photographs. Astropálido are four heads, eight hands, infectious energy, vitality, wish to create and to compose. Longing for feel, hope for getting it. 

¿How did they begin?

Alberto with seven years, at eleven he played in a band of his village for ten years until he got to Seville and sought where to be able to continue. He recognizes that when he went to classes he was a very bad student; he was absent in the theory and very efficient in the practice. Ale laughs remembering that in music subject he was thrown out for clapping his hands mistimed, it does not surprise Rafa. Ale answers that in his memory, he did that to be a nuisance, that he failed the subject because they made him play the recorder “the instrument with the most dreadful timbre, besides it was made of plastic”. Nevertheless, his beginnings as an artist were accompanied by a band called `Los Argonautas´, Rafa made the demo for him, `GacelaAnfetamínica´. He began with `Genérica´ and in a summer break in the beach with Ale, as a result of boredom, they composed together. Daniel started out with fifteen years, because a friend of his wanted to start a band. Back then, he paid close attention to the bass of the songs. They got him one, “I had it borrowed for two years and I went playing it with other people until today”. They already have their own. All of them were self-taught, some also gave classes. They question the best option, does theory restrict creativity? How many people from the music school are in a music band? It is important, they conclude, if your teacher is good at teaching and in the field.


Throughout their lives they counted on several mentors: The Doors, Oasis, Coldplay, Radiohead, Greenday. They imitated them even esthetically. For a time, they changed to Spanish: Pereza, Extremoduro, VetustaMorla, Izal. Alberto recognizes that he had no mentors on the drums, but musically, he took great pleasure in

Víctor Jara's music. Nelo (Daniel) loves international and differing artists.

As any group of this style, at the beginning they had an idea more in the style of Los Planetas, a little filthy Pop, although it actually was not so similar, the sound was more distorted. As they have approached the identity of the group, they have been able to focus and clean the sound. Now each instrument has its space. They already know more or less what they want, the creative spectrum is more delimited. It has been a learning process and for that reason, they changed the name.

The previous name, Genérica, seemed empty of meaning to them, it could have been ironic, if it were about strange music, but it was not the case. They began then with the capture of an ideal word: JinetePálido -because they are lovers of Western movies-, Rostro Pálido, until becoming what they are nowadays. It is a name that has often been related to the moon (it is the pale star), it makes reference to the use of spacial synthesizers. The symbol used over the “a” of Astropálido was used to avoid the accent and it would sound as an “u” in Swedish. It was a “pretentiousness” that Google forced them to forget, they admit.

All the concerts leave a mark, they highlight that of the Interestelar Festival and that of the Fun Club premises. The first one fulfilled them as a group, made them solidify as such. They began to work together in the study, Alberto came in and then he called Nelo. A year ago, in May they were finishing the recording of the album.


Get the perfect song

The greatest aspiration of the group is to work on what they like. All of them studied, some of them work in other things. They want to do songs that thrill those who hear them and little else, many expectations embitter them. They are on a path and in a direction in search of the professional. They try to be active on the Social Networks and in the procedures.

Throughout their journey the lyrics of the songs have changed, they were more cryptic before. In this album they wanted to go to the other side of what they used to do, so as not to fail in the same thing. They used to be afraid of saying what they wanted, they ended up erring on the side of saying nothing in the demos. Jordi Gil, the producer of the album, encouraged them to give it a couple of turns. Songs like 'Era Glaciar' changed, trying to get to something more visual and poetic. The group gives more importance to the melody and the structure: the lyric goes changing. It is not a question of insisting on doing a good written leaving the melody behind, this seems the most complicated thing. To transmit something without it being trite. It happens to everybody, Alex Turner said that he regrets his lyrics. Everyone has its formulas, there are no rules for everyone. The lyric is an isolated process, due to the very climate of the song in the studio. Rafa adds “Sometimes they make me change it before going on sale”. You can err on the side of being too critical, you have to finish them and then retouch them.


Nelo hates that all the songs are about love, to him, they can also be about love for nature, for example. Every experience must be susceptible of being transformed. Anything can be inspiring, even sleep paralysis. 'Despiértate' is about friendship, it is inspired by the film 'BoyHood'. 'La dura caída' is about people who have to leave their city or their country because they cannot find a job. Alberto's mother thought that 'Explosión' is about drugs, actually,it is about toxic relationships. Rafa answers “love is a drug. A really good one, but it leaves a hangover that freaks you out”. They give bits of sensations, they do not talk about something so concrete.

'Escamas' is about people and what you regret in life. Germán G. Dobarco had the idea of the music video. He wanted to transmit alienation, in the image, they are running through a forest and they go into a fictitious box which they do not want to leave, they are living a reality they do not want to be part of. They took the idea of the song to the studio, they were guitar and voice. There were many songs and they eliminated many others because they wanted a perfect album. They had a large part finished and they were missing something, a piece of the puzzle. Alberto remembers it: “It arrived in the morning, we improvised over it. We brooded about it, while eating, Rafa and me hummed the chorus together. We started to decide, we finished eating and we went to the studio to record. At the end, we had the song finished.


Present and future: where do they walk.

The album is called `Mentiras para contar la verdad´, it comes from 'V de Vendetta´. The original sentence says: “Politicians lie to hide the truth and the artists lie to tell it”. They used this motto because it seems like the fantasy of the songs are constructions and metaphors which are not real but tell what you want to transmit. The design was made by Ezequiel Barranco, they are horses reflected in a puddle, he represented the lies this way, besides, it is inside out: what you see is the reflection, not the reality. The members were strict, they told him abstract adjectives and they were rejecting sketches until finding the current one.

The album evokes feelings, they want it to generate the sensation of hearing it again. They consider it heterogeneous because of the mixture of funk, dark rock and others. Whoever listens to it will have a roller coaster of emotions, areally suitable CD for the car. Being so varied, it reaches more people.

They have several future projects: compose, release EP, save music for the album, Isla Go festival (Isla Cristina), No sin Música (Cádiz), Pop Caac (Sevilla), concerts in the north... The main plan is to play a lot, especially in the south but also throughout Spain.



They want to go far working, they get up thinking about music and that marks them all day long. For them it is essential to keep the group together. It is complicated, you have to be patient, have empathy and love yourself a lot. They spend many hours, expenses, fights; the important thing is to be friends, enjoy what they do. It is important to start a family. Dani and Alberto are dedicated professionally, they are aware that in these cases you are alone; you play for other people, for an artist. You do not do it for yourself, you grow on an individual basis always for someone. Being in a group is another story, creativity increases, all together, a family relationship is forged. Everyone has the goal of making Astropálido grow. “That is our dream” they conclude.