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Animals on the stage

The world of music is unsure as life itself. Bosco Valero, who after ending with Los Farsantes with the purpose of a career by himself and today reinvents himself with The Fake, is a proof of that.

He is sincere, if he would live in a different age, he would be a bandit. If you ask him, he defines himself as “the kind of worker that plays the guitar”. If you want ot find out about his influences, he tries to avoid imitation. Talking about flamenco, he defines himself as useless. And talking about music, he is a guy trying to create beautiful things. He is an artist whose imagination works constantly.

That’s how The Fake is created, with Jorge López Maillard, Marcos Fernandez y Bosco Valero, in a meeting of passion and attitude that looks for fun and for the pleasure of music.

You have been through a lot of phases, what is the impulse that brings you from one to the other? When does Bosco Valero know that he needs a change?

Indeed, there are not so many phases, my electronic phase was heir of my phase with Los Farsantes, but adding some personal experiences from pop and rock music, which were incompatible with that group. The mixture of moving away from that and moving my own work made me begin with a career by myself. I worked on that for a couple of years, but at the same time I had a lack of power and freedom. When do I know that I need a change? When I experience a lack of interest during a performance.


Who are the artists that have influenced or currently influence your creations?

When I talk about my favorite artists I don’t mean that I’m like them, I think that it is arrogant and I feel awkward. I still want to listen new songs, for example Niño de Elche, although I don’t consider it an influence. I don’t know if it is something good or bad, but when I try flamenco music I’m useless.

Your previous publications, ‘Re’ and ‘Bienestar’, are profound and they have an existentialist touch, what is your inspiration for your lyrics? When you are going to create, do you prefer to narrate a homogeneous story or different stories?

One year ago I shared the stage with Fernando Alfaro, an acoustic performance. I drove him home, and during that way we talked about the way we compose: “Fernando, how can you remember these long lyrics?”. He answered that he tells stories. I use a telegraphic style, spontaneous writing. I guess that the depth is given by the use of your own voice. It is true that ‘Bienestar’ and ‘Creyente’ have an existential touch, but ‘Bajón’, which is my favorite from that EP, deals, in a comical way, with romantic tragedy, which was not my favorite type of music during my teen years. I would say that I’m the kind of “worker that plays the guitar”.

What is the new threesome looking for, I mean Jorge López Maillard, Marcos Fernandez and you? What do you three want to transmit with your music?

At the beginning I was overwhelmed by the responsibility of this, of leading two experienced musicians that play much better than me. I guess that I knew how to trick them with fake promises. I think that there is one thing that joins us: we become animals on the stage. Being on stage drives us crazy, we only care about having fun. And no, we don’t intend to transmit anything. Nothing is planned, just enjoying the moment. I think it is a good plan when you are 40 and more.


The Fake comes with energy, you have already been in some events, what are you playing in the concerts? How is the public accepting you?

My old repertoire, already broken and adapted to the new power-threesome, and new songs that are born with this phase. We only made two shows. We released in La Caja Negra with full capacity and greetings from strangers. It looks fine.

Are you working on a new project? What are your feelings about that? Is there a date of release?

We are going to release a single for the end of summer, and an EP for the end of year. I ask for help from the sponsors of music in order to hasten the process.

You have been in the world of music for many years, what did you find that makes it irreplaceable or different to other works?

 The dream of anyone who plays the guitar or feels the need of writing lyrics, of making music and make it with passion, is make a living making it. In every age music and musicians are an expression of people’s wishes, fears and livings. But it is a bussiness too. I still work on this due to some friends that support me and together we plan to do beautiful things. But I think that as days go by, I am close to the idea of being a underground bandit. I just need a trailer to go around the world.