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Animals live

El Columpio Asesino presented their latest album, Ballenas muertas en San Sebastián at Nocturama. The energy and force they always irradiate when performing live was not missing.

El Columpio Asesino flooded the patio of the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Sevilla with their dark and forceful sound, loaded with nuances and proving, once more, that their natural habitat is the live show. Nocturama took in the presentation of the last album by the band from Navarra, Ballenas muertas en San Sebastián, which they played in its entirety during the first half of the performance.

This is an album which keeps their status quo with respect to their previous work, Diamantes, and which is characterized by a much more present use of rhythm, along with the always cryptic lyrics of the band. Live, their songs acquire a much stronger power than in their album recordings, making much more sense and convincing everyone in their presence.

Songs such as Ballenas muertas en San Sebastián and A la espalda del mar made an impact thanks to Cristina Martínez, who captured all the attention due to an absolute dedication to the audience. The way in which Álvaro Arizaleta sings at the same time as he runs the rhythm from the drums is always impressive, as is the solvency of the other members.

When they played Toro, the anthem which refreshes the elements that have always been part of El Columpio Asesino to make them more digestible and effective, madness unleashed among the attendees. From Diamantes, they also played the song which titles the album as well as the growing emotion that Perlas emanates. Doubtless, El Columpio Asesino is not the same band after Toro. It was noticeable in their most recent songs in comparison with the few songs they brought back from their earliest albums. Despite the fact that they left their masterpiece out, La Gallina, they did play some classics like Vamos, Edad legal, Your man is dead or Floto.

Those songs made it clear that the band has change almost completely their way to compose. If in their latest albums they have ended up polishing their sound until making it more sophisticated, their first albums were much more aggressive, without a fixed formula, and letting the energy flow, energy which they still keep in their live shows.

After the strength displayed by the band from Navarra, the night continued with an aftershow. Unlike the traditional opening bands, Nocturama includes shows following the main band every night in their schedule. In a more limited format and on an improvised stage on the lawn of the garden, the proposal bets on making people dance rather than “see” a show. Just like a Dj session, but with live music, Proyecto Datura, led by Miguel Rivera, worked very well with this concept, bringing back songs from the 80s in the form of power trio. The night ended with people dancing songs as renowned as La bola de cristal, Escuela de calor and Malos tiempos para la lírica.

Translation by Irene Soto